Words can change you.

About a year ago, I read a book called “Conscious Language” about the power of our own words that we use on a daily basis. Since then I’m noticing amazing changes in the way I’m choosing my words and I’m realising that our words are indeed far more powerful than I ever thought.

If we look at it just a little closer, we can see that our words are in fact reflections of our thoughts.

Even more so: Once a thought is spoken out, this particular thought often gets an extra “importance”, to the other 70’000 thoughts we have on a daily average.

What that means is, just by hearing other people talk, we can get an idea on how they think and how they see the world.

Hearing your own words, also gives you a good idea on where you (often unconciously) place your focus upon.

You are what you think. And you attract what you are. At least, this is what I believe in.

I know, that sometimes it’s challenging to change old, deep ingrained, habitual destructive thoughts. If you find it hard to be aware of your thoughts: Start listening to your words.

And maybe words can not only change us. But the world around and the people we meet.


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