Wishing people the best

My father once told to me; “whenever you’re about to meet or call someone you really don’t like, take a moment before the meeting and wish peace to that person.”

I was 13, maybe 14 at that time. But it those words somehow stayed with me. Soon I discovered that this little tip indeed worked.

I didn’t expect to change the other person, but I took his advice and would simply stop for a few seconds, go inwards “I wish him the best”. To my surprise: I felt differently. More in peace with that person. More understanding. Even at some occasions; compassionate.

Funny enough; the people seemed to change too. As if they felt the “peace” I’ve been sending them a minute earlier.

And maybe we really do feel the tension and thoughts of other people. And sometimes it get’s worse and worse. And sometimes a little act, such as the one my father proposed me more than 10 years ago, can have a big impact – on others, and on us.

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