What is life about for me? (3min read)

What is life about for me? What a big question that is. It immediately puts everything that appears to be so important into perspective.

What does really matter to me?

What’s the goal behind all “goals”? – Why do we want to achieve these goals? What will it allow you to do eventually? How will it make you feel?

When we just dig a little bit deeper. We find the goal behind the goal. The “why we do things”.

What we have in common

And what I have observed in human nature, no matter what age, religion, party, country, culture, gender…

At the core, we all have a desire to simply be happy.

Happiness. Freedom. Love. Connection. Joy.

We use different words to describe essentially the same thing.

Why? On the core we are all human beings. We are united. We are the same.

What creates the felt sense of separation is our thinking. ONLY.

How beautiful is it to know that everyone just wants to be happy. Just like you.
Everyone just wants to love and be loved. Just like you.
Everyone wants to be free… Just… Like… You…

Chasing the goals

The goals and aspirations are different. But the goal behind the goals – our deepest, truest calling – is the same.

We have a tendency to chase. Chase after what we think will make us experience our truest calling.

We call them goals. So we can set ourselves up onto the hamster-wheel and start to run. Chasing goals. And then chasing another goal. And then chasing another goal.

Last year, I had a few weeks where I was totally broke. In fact, I was 500 Euros in depth. I had nothing. I have reached the point I was always most afraid of. Having no money.

The horror scenario for my mind.


What a relief…

Your innate capacity to love

Our innate capacity to love is something no-one ever can take away from you.

Not being broke, not a breakup, not being fired, no rough and tough experiences or traumas.

Your capacity to love is innate – it’s ingrained. Your capacity to connect, to be in peace, to experience joy. To follow your heart.

We are born with this power. And yet, what most forget about is faith.

To be free, to love, to connect. We need to trust life. Faith is needed.

Instead of trying to control everything around you – it’s a surrendering into the flow of life.

“Goals” are unfolding from that place. As a natural consequence. Not because we’re fixed on them, but because we enjoy the process of creation.

I call it a radical surrendering to what deeply matters.

What’s this life all about for you?

Apart from all the weird societal conditioning… Apart from all that they say is good for you?

What is this life about?

If the goal behind the goal is freedom. Then this is the first step to claim your freedom.

Awakening is a god-given choice.

And I’m with you with this.

I love you! <3


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