We are an ungrateful generation

Our generation grew up in such a comfort, that it’s almost unbearable.

Too much comfort kills – and makes us feel guilty, even useless. From this place: How natural it is to seek the rush, the kick, the adventure, the extreme. We take risks and end up doing all sorts of crazy stuff – even though we seem to have everything we need.

Something the older generation will never understand. They once sought the opposite. In a world of discomfort, they worked for comfort.

Now, that old people accuse a younger generation for not being grateful for the comfort, they once worked so hard for – is understandable.

What they don’t know: Comfort alone is not the only thing we need as human beings.

As much as comfort, we need the discomfort – because it is what makes us feel alive. And we rather die instead of never having truly lived.

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