On victims and complainers (1min)

I get you: It’s easy to play the “poor me”, because the poor me generally is the victim, and the victim always finds someone or something to blame. The poor me swims in lethargy – and she loves it.

Complaining is easy won attention by others. And often the victim rather chooses to stay that way – because it’s comfortable and doesn’t take any responsibility or willpower to earn love.

“Positive” people have it easier. Why? Because they choose to see the good. No wonder they are more open, more friendly, more intimate, content, lucky… happy.

We attract what we are. It has nothing to do with denying the shit. But with making the best out of it.

Now: If we tend to embark on the empowering or the disempowering road is nothing more than a habit. A pattern of the brain. Often inherited by parents or other influencers through our childhood.

And changing that habit simply needs practice, effort and a willingness to take life into your own hands.

(But likely, this step is already too scary for the victim. Because how could I justify my situation without having anyone to blame?)

Shit happens. So what? It’s life. Acknowledge it, reflect, be pissed for a moment, learn – and make the best out of it.

You have this life. And it was gifted to you (by whom and if that’s true, I don’t know – and I don’t care, because it’s an empowering thought.)

Being the victim might serve you for a while. But be careful – it’s a road that gets lonelier the longer you travel it.

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