Understanding The Opposite Sex (2min)

I believe there is a reason that we are creating a world of opposites. The yin and the yang. The masculine and the feminine. The light, and the dark, the day and the night. We create a contrast reality. And that’s where the dance of life happens. It’s easy to say that “we are all one” but that at the same time is in a way neglecting this beautiful play inside the circle between the feminine and the masculine.

What if we choose to experience and acknowledge the opposites, as they lead us closer to what we truly are.

Intimacy is the dance of opposites.

The core feminine value is CONNECTION
The core masculine value is FREEDOM

It helps me to understand women better. And myself. It helps me to be more compassionate. And I believe in all conflict, compassion that’s the key for peace.

Men seek freedom.
Women seek connection.

On a superficial level; there is the man, afraid to commit, afraid in getting into something that will require too much of his commitment. He seeks the adventure, and therefore, a natural response is to run – as soon as it gets too close.

And then there is the woman, attached and afraid of letting the other person go. Stacks her expectations, builds pressure and gets disappointed.

We all have a woman and a man within us. And yet, based on our gender, we have one fundamental drive. Even very feminine men, fundamentally seek freedom. Even very masculine women deep down seek for connection.

I’m noticing slowly that the highest freedom lies in the embracing both. The yin and the yang. It took me a few years to slowly see.

I am attaining the highest forms of freedom when I’m deeply connected. It goes beyond the superficial idea of what the youthful mind believes to be freedom, but there’s a deeper sense of freedom, it has nothing to do with traveling the world, having variety in partners or being free of commitments. It’s a form of freedom that makes no sense to an immature boy.

On the feminine side; the deepest connections are experienced when we allow ourselves and the other person to be free. Free of control, free of judgement, free of fears. Connection can’t be forced. It can only be deepened through allowance.

Freedom and Connection. The yin and the yang. They are not in conflict with each other (as it seems on the surface), but they complement each other. The feminine helps the masculine to go even deeper. And the same happens the other way round. That’s where the circle closes.

One can’t exist without the other.

As light is not visible without the shadow.

Intimacy is the dance of opposites.
It takes courage. It takes humbleness. Strength.

And yet, I experience it as the door, the mirror for me to grow. Avoidance has been easy all alone – and still, I believe, we seek the opposite. As every opposite makes us face and accept what we like to keep in the dark.

Intimacy is scary.
And yet, we ALL need it.

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