Thought Habits and Happiness

We – usually from parents – learn to think in a certain way about things. We adopt a thought-pattern, that plays in the background – subconsciously.

Your thought patterns affect your happiness. They even affect the way you react to certain things. Little things. You are what you think. And based on your thinking, you develop a certain personality.

According to the years of studies of Joe Dispenza; thoughts influence your emotions. Your emotions affect your behaviour. Your behaviour – over the long run – affects your personality. Your brain literally changes.

How interesting. We can change who we are. By changing our thoughts.

Now, trying to change your emotions or your behaviour in an instant is a master’s task and many have failed, given up and lost hope.

Rather start at the beginning of the query. Start where you have power – start with your thoughts. And realise that we always, every moment have the choice of thought.

You attract what you are. And your default thought responses – if you are aware of them or not – brought into manifestation what you’re experiencing now.

Do you want to grow? Or change something? Be aware and change your thoughts.

We can always, in every moment, choose thoughts that are empowering us. As we do that long enough, they will affect, our emotions, our behaviour. Until, over time, it becomes our new thought-pattern. Our new habit of thinking.

As you change, your reality will change.

My suggestion:

Start small. Thought by thought. I’ve been witnessing many lives changing the past 3 years.

Be aware of your thoughts. The ancient traditions would call it “mindfulness”. Know that you have the power to change. Thought by thought, in every moment.

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