The small story about Tiger Woods (lesson on dealing with setbacks)

There is this story about Tiger Woods – and gosh I’m not even sure if it is true or not. “Screw it,” I thought, I share it anyways. Because it inspired me, and sometimes stories are just nice to listen too… 🙂

SO… When Tiger Woods, one of the – if not THE – greatest golf-player of all times, was already winning and rising as a star, he decided to change his coach.

Why? Because he noticed to have arrived at a plateau. He wanted to get better, mentally stronger, develop his skills – and for that he decided to shake things up.

The new coach taught him a different technique to hit the ball. They trained differently and Tiger started losing – or better; stopped winning.

That went on for months and the press already titled him to be a lost star. A wiped out fire. A wonder of the moment.

Yet after a few months, the new training gradually grabbed hold in his development. He improved – fast.

And before he knew, he was at the top again. Better, stronger than ever before and seemingly invincible.

I heard this story a couple years ago. I’m not a golfer. Neither am I absolutely sure about the details of the story. Yet what stuck with me was a recognition which I often observe in my life too…

Sometimes, when we want to improve and learn something new, often we have to take a step back. In order to make two or three steps forward.

I’m not even entirely sure if the story is true or not; but it somehow popped up today and often the believe alone helps me to be okay with “setbacks”. And when I’m okay with them, I may be able to focus a bit more on what matters.

Wishing you a great rest of the week.


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