What I learned about the brain – and the many little annoying sounds around us (1min)

The sounds of aircons, projectors, fans, cars, clocks ticking can be annoying to a point where they are almost unbearable.

Our good fortune: Often we don’t even notice them. One part of our brain (Hippocampus) is like: “Well there’s a sound, but not important, we got better things to do, so let’s not mind it.”

You can make this exercise now. Stop, be quiet and listen. What sounds didn’t you notice before? Some may be pretty loud. But we simply don’t register them. Unless they become important.

I had a school-teacher who researched the brain and gave us a lecture about it in 2008.

It made me think (and realise) how aircons, fridges, traffic are often not so different from our common life- “problems”.

There are many things to be annoyed of. There are many things to be upset about. But they only become a problem when we give them our attention.

The more we focus on the sound of the fridge, the more we are distracted from moving forward.

The art of dealing with problems lies not necessarily in becoming rich and having everything handled for you. But in recognising that most of them are just noise. Like the noise of a fridge. Or of fan. Or of the traffic outside. They can make us go crazy, but are – just kind of – unimportant. Ready to be left aside. Until we forget about them and they literally disappear.


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