The perfect recipe for being a sexually frustrated man

Here are the bullet-proof ingredients for being a sexually frustrated man:

1. Believe societies sexual education.

2. Brag about your sex life.

3. Believe that her orgasm is the goal.

4. Try to be in control. At all times.

5. Numb your feelings.

6. Try hard not to come too early. If you do so; then believe you’re a failure.

7. Don’t be soft. Don’t show weaknesses. Don’t show tears.

8. Never act from love but instead from your primal reproduction instincts.

9. Believe all stories you hear from your friends.

10. Try to make her orgasm. If she doesn’t – put more pressure on her.

11. Watch porn – daily. And believe it to be what real sex is.

12. Have your Instagram feed filled with half-naked girls.

13. Have high expectations – especially about your performance.

14. Rate your sex according to duration, variety, numbers of orgasms. And then connect it all to your self-worth.

15. Act like a porn-star.

16. Be stressed – don’t enjoy the moment. Think about your goal.

17. Rush it. Don’t take your time.

18. Don’t appreciate her. Instead focus on your own performance.

19. Don’t be overwhelmed by her beauty – you got work to do.

20. Be afraid of her judgement and don’t trust her.

I admit it: It’s fun to write those recipes. On the other hand, it’s the sad truth of what’s currently happening in our society.

We need more men who make women feel safe in their arms. We need more men who show up from a place of love and appreciation. Men who trust themselves, their abilities and choose to be here, in the moment instead of in their heads.

There is too much pain inflicted at the moment – especially in women. Rooted in a misunderstanding of intimacy. Day by day, traumas are created in women, because men don’t know how to act when it comes to “love making”.

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In case you’re interested in the magic recipe for being a sexually frustrated woman:

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