For 6 years I was seeking paradise

For the last 6 years I have been hopping around the world. In some places I stayed longer, and some I left after a few weeks or days. Just today I’ve had a conversation with Orsi about the “perfect” place to live and it made me think that somehow, every place had it’s wonderful assets. And what I’m slowly realising:

Paradise can be everywhere and it seems that “paradise” simply shows up in different forms and ways.

If being self-employed or working a 9-5 job (sometimes I for long thought to be a human horror). If living in a nice spacious flat in Budapest or sharing a shabby room with 9 other Muay Thai fighters in an outskirt of Thailand. The cold and cozy winter nights, and the dinners at the beach. Standing on a mountain with a pair of ski. Or sitting in the water on a surfboard.

There are so many things to “miss”. And somehow, every place has its beauty (- and interestingly enough: Even the ones that upset or annoyed me.)

What becomes the key for me: To actually see it.

Paradise is here. When I open my eyes.

A good question for this: What surrounds me now that I may one day miss?

Because… maybe… one day, today becomes “the gold old times”.


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