The “Pushing your Comfort Zone” – Myths

In a world of “bio hacking” and self-improvement this idea of “living outside of your comfort zone” gets so insanely jammed up. “Pushing yourself” is good… And “doing nothing” is bad. And everyone is running crazy.

On the other hand, there are those people, who decide to do nothing. And stay comfortable and average – sometimes their whole lives.

Here’s how I see it:
Both ways make you sick.

We all know, that too much comfort can kill anyone internally. We break our own hearts.
We also know that too much discomfort and stress burns out even “superhumans”.

So what if the question is not about “living in the comfort-zone” or “pushing myself”. It’s rather: How can I balance the two so that I can live a fulfilling and meaningful life?

Both are existential for life. And yet both ways can kill your relationships, enslave and suck the life out of you.

Like the bite of the cobra, it both kills and cures.

In a world where all our primal needs are meet, our job is it to listen – which is more challenging than ever, because it’s noisier than ever. Our job is it to balance. And not to blindly follow what “others say is good for us”.

In the age of the internet, we seem to have access to everything, we are bombarded with information – and yet we are so ignorant to our bodies who always signal and guide us to what we deeply need.

We are designed to be in balance. For some it’s the time to push, for some others it’s the time to do NOTHING.

The one that’s under stress naturally seeks for comfort. The one that is in comfort naturally will create discomfort. The questions are; do we dare to listen to ourselves? Or are we waiting until our bodies force us to stop?

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