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Pico Blanco - An inspirational Novel. Adventure Novel by Samuel Ryter.

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Pico Blanco is a story of a young man who follows his dream to the top of the world. Pre-Order this book for only 1.99 at your favourite retailer.

Official Release: April 26th. 2019


*time left until release.

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Pico Blanco is available for pre-order at nearly all major retailers. Amazon is excluded (Amazon does not support pre-orders). Simply click on your favorite book shop on the list below or search online for “Pico Blanco Samuel Ryter,” some of the local bookstores and libraries may also offer the book.

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To pre-order the paperback version, you can request a copy below, for free, and receive a special Amazon pre-order link in the week before the release date. This link will be valid for 5 days and you will only pay printing and shipping costs of the book.

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Pre-Orders help immensely to gain exposure on the market. With each pre-order, you are helping me a little further to living my dream. Thank you.


I'd like to request a physical copy at the release date:

Sam Ryter is an indie author and writer of thought-provoking stories.​

Sam Ryter is an indie author and writer of thought-provoking stories.​

Dear reader, welcome to my portfolio. I'm an independent author of several books and a blogger. It is my wish that each reader of my books can take something from the stories onto their life-paths. If that's a different viewpoint to life, relief, inspiration, encouragement or just a feeling of gratitude.

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