My top 3 tips against “overthinking” (2min)

How tempting it is to tackle overthinking by trying to “think” our way out of it. Perhaps all of us have tried this before – without big successes. Today I wanted to look at different ways on how to tackle “overthinking” and I’ll be sharing my top 3 antidotes.

Before we start: You may want to allow the ugly thoughts to be there. There’s nothing worse than fighting against your own thoughts – with your own thoughts. It’s a form of insanity. We’re human, 70’000 thoughts (on average) come and go daily. Better accept it – it will be a lot easier.

Slow down + breathe.

Overthinking is mostly caused by fear. When the nervous-system is in fear the body responds with shallow breathing. You can’t think yourself out of overthinking, but you can breathe yourself out of it. Take a few minutes. Focus on your breath. Inhale while counting to 6. Exhale on 4. Relax. Release the tension. Be kind.

Do something.

Sometimes our consciousness is not on “meditation-level”. To sit down and shut up can turn up the volume level of the thoughts even louder. Recognize this, and engage with something that needs your attention and brings you back into the body. Like going for a run. Important; if you do it – go all in! No half-way-things… Clue is to drop your focus from the mind into the body.

Laugh about it.

You’re overthinking things. So what? You’re worried and afraid… so what? Overthinking is only then a problem, when we make it one. Here’s a fact; it happens to all of us. Because we’re human and somehow we’re all here still caught up in this illusion. How ridiculous it is: We tend to think that our lives and problems and everything else is all super serious. I once picked up this sentence: Your only problem is that you think you have one.

The rule: Where your attention is, is where your energy goes.


PS. You can learn more about your mind, thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and conditioning your brain HERE (link to the DeepDiveExperience).

Thank you for the perfect photo: Steve Harvey on Unsplash

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