Who doesn’t want his or her partner to experience an orgasm? Especially men take the orgasm of a woman as an accomplishment that approves their worth of being a good lover.

Nothing wrong about that.

Yet, it is a dangerous game to play. A game with the potential to mess up everything.

We forget to make love, by pushing another person to an outcome.

If sex is only a success once a certain time is up, a certain amount of positions have been tested, and a certain amount of orgasms have been experienced then we’re not opting for love – but for fear, anxiety and stress.

Opting for love doesn’t have expectations. As the being together and here for each other is already healing. All that happens from this place becomes a dance. No mechanics but flow, and where there is a flow of energy, people tend to orgasm – naturally.

Sex can be a healing act – at the same time it can be deeply destructive.

Men and women have power – boys and girls use force.

Opt for love.

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