One step at the time (2min)

Dear friends,

On the white wall, in the living room of my parent’s house, there’s a sentence written in dark-grey color. “Alles hat seine Zeit,” it says. “Everything has its time.”

I am still far away from “home,” from where I grew up. And yet, I often think about that sentence. It reminds me to slow down. When I’m blindly running somewhere.

The mind is a tricky thing. And whenever it takes over and thinks to be in control, the world seems to prove me otherwise. It’s as if life would come and say: “Look, my friend, you never were in control. There is nothing to control. And I’m much greater than you could ever imagine.”

“Everything has its time,” by acknowledging these four words, we receive relief from the impatient, fearful mind, that tends to want it all NOW.

“Everything now. I need to have this. I need to have that NOW. Because only then I’m able to relax. Only then my life is good.”

Does that sound familiar? Are we tricking ourselves? And are we often running on a hamster-wheel and actually think that we’re getting somewhere?

What if we would take one step at the time? What if we don’t need to have everything now? And what if the process itself is the thing that gives meaning to our lives?

One thing at the time. Already the ancient farmers used to live by this sentence.

Because after all, once we have achieved our dreams – there will be another goal. Isn’t it so?

So, why hurry the process? Because what is time? Is it really running out?
And what is this moment about?
With love from Mexico,

On top a photo of a recent sunset we had here. How marvelous and beautiful such a mess can be. 😉

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