Sam’s way to manifest what you want (in 6 Steps)

How did you enjoy yesterday’s little physics lesson? Phu. I did my best, and today we’re going to have a look at how you can make use of this “energetic” understanding to manifest what you want … in 6 steps. And.. um. before we start, I know.. this “manifesting things stuff”, sounds so new-age that it almost disgusts me… however… It works… And I’m trying to give my version here. Sam’s version. And you don’t have to wear yoga pants to read it.

Sounds great? Cool, then let’s start.

First of all, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, here’s a rough summary to it:

To 99.9999… and perhaps a few more nines % of this reality consists out of … empty space. Dark matter.

Oh yes… I gave a little quantum physics …”lesson”…(?)

Basically; we’re just a bunch of bundles of energy floating around in a vast, in-explainable complex of the universe.

Truth can be scary.

But what it really means is this:

The idea of yourself and the world is an illusion.

And as it is all energy, a vibration, you always attract into your reality what matches with your intentions.

Simply explained;

  • If you love people, you will find proof in your reality that people are lovable.
  • Or if you are radiating the vibration of bad-luck – you’ll be the unlucky one in most cases.

We go one step deeper:

The idea you have of yourself is simply a vibration. And you can change that at any time.

Your thoughts repeated over days (and connected to an emotion) create a BELIEF.

Beliefs are thoughts that run you subconsciously. They give you the ‘grip’ in this reality – so that you don’t go completely mad in this energetic, huge illusion.

For example a belief of yours may be that “ice is cold”.

This belief defines your reality. You touch an ice cube, you feel a sensation of coldness.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you’d believe that ice is hot…? Well scientists have made experiments and found that people literally burned themselves as they touched ice cubes.

A few years ago, me and my friends did a fire walk – the same concept. After a process of firmly learning to believe that fire was simply warm and gentle – we walked over sizzling 2000° hot coals. Without getting burned.

That experience blew my mind.

Beliefs forge our reality. And we can take this all the way down the rabbit hole.

But to keep it simple:

  1. Who “you think you are” is simply an idea. And what you think is possible for you or not is so too.
  2. Your beliefs are created by your everyday thoughts.
  3. Your everyday thoughts affect your basic levels of emotions.
  4. To change beliefs takes time. But to change thoughts can be done in an instant.
  5. Different thoughts create different emotions. And different emotions have an impact on the energy that you are radiating (in other words: What you are attracting)
  6. If you feel a lack of something in your life, then change your thoughts about it.
    Your thoughts will change your emotions and your vibration essentially.

From then on everything becomes possible.

A step by step guide to manifest what you want

  1. Become aware that you are not your thoughts, but that they are a tool for you to create the reality that you choose to.
  2. Be aware of your emotions, and use them as a guide to track on where your thoughts are currently focused on.
  3. Find out what you deeply want and live your live according to it (for that, a coach can be a really good help) – Gradually learn to shift your focus from what you don’t want – to what you want.
  4. Trust that you are attraction itself. Remember you are a bunch of energies. You don’t need to know the when and the how. But what’s important is to know the what and why – they will give you the emotions that impact your radiance.
  5. Be patient with yourself. You have a default thought pattern that already attracts/and repels without you knowing it… usually we pick that up from parents, childhood and later experiences.It is a reason why people often encounter the same sickness as their parents* – or why women have the period at the same time as their best friend.*Some may say it’s a matter of genetics… Yet, what is genetics, if beyond matter, all there is… is vibration? I believe, and there is more and more evidence, that people inherit vibration (thought patterns) which eventually designs their reality.
  6. To change a thought pattern takes a few weeks. Until it becomes habitual. And here’s the great thing: You can literally train your brain to have positive, uplifting thoughts – by default. What happens is this: People start to vibrate on “higher” frequencies and therefore attract more of what they want into their lives.(All is vibration and people can heal cancer – even with placebo medicine – as soon as they believe that they are healing.)

Much conditioning had been happened in the past. That doesn’t mean that life is over. Whenever we feel a lack of something in our lives – we can recondition our thinking (in other words; change our vibration).

Does this all really ‘matter’?

On the “highest” level, this stuff all doesn’t matter. Manifesting things is really just a game…

I still believe, if we take more time to slow down, breathe and look to the essence of who we are, we find that all we really need is already here.

Yet, if you’re up for playing with our strange, fun reality… then start doing some magic. Everyone can do it… It’s really just a matter of focus.

Here are 5 common reasons why people seem not to be able to manifest what they want:

  • They don’t know what they want
  • They actually like to stay “small” (being a ‘victim’ is often also a comforting position)
  • Theres a belief that they don’t really deserve to have their dreams.
  • They lack trust in the process, tend to force things and eventually burn out…
  • They give up too early or their desire changes as they grow (remember; the physical realm includes time)

The main message of this article (to manifest what you want), I guess, is this:

We are not victims, but the creator of our own reality. This belief is scary as it forces many to take responsibility for their current situation. At the same time, I believe, it is also the chance of our lifetime.

If we learn to listen and follow what deeply matters to us inside our hearts, and bring it into fruition, then I believe our world would look a whole lot more colorful.


…this has been one of my longest articles in the last few months… Let me know how you liked it. (I’ll leave the comment section open for the discussion)

Tomorrow I’ll perhaps be back, with some shorter, philosophical, “to the point” reads.

Thanks for reading and until tomorrow. 😉


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