Learning to love the gays

For years the image of two men making love together made me shiver, and desperately trying to think about something else.

Even talking with or about a gay made me feel insecure and distant.


Perhaps because I learned that it’s “not normal”, disgusting, “in-human”.

Until I realised that sexual attraction, desire and even love-making has less to do with the GENDER but more with the “feminine” and “masculine” energies that simply seek communion.

There are men with a feminine core. There are women with a masculine core. And there are “masculine men” and “feminine women” who are attracted to that. It’s as simple as that.

Wherever there is polarity, there is potential for sexual attraction.

If we look beyond the body and beyond the conditioning of society then there are simply energies that do their play. Their dance. The yin and the yang that attract and at the same time repel each other.

Being gay is not less human. And, next to inter-gender love-making, I believe we also have to hold a stronger dialogue about LGBT.

Information educates.

Judging something we don’t even want to know and talk about has already caused enough pain (talking about classic sexual intercourse, and teenagers blinded by porn-truths).

And: Being interested doesn’t make anyone gay. But brings more understanding of something that is very real all over the world.

I believe, a next step worth taking.

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