“It was meant to be” – and other lies… Or perhaps truths?

“It was meant to be,” she said to me shortly after we met.

I just finished school and was on summer-vacation.

Was she lying? I don’t know. But I guess it made her feel good. Well, it made me feel good too.

And even years later, I can’t deny that things like:

“We’ve probably met before – in a ‘past-life’,”
“It was destiny that brought us here,”
“You were meant to meet your master,”

have the potential to create a bond, a certainty, a good feeling.

After our little summer romance ended, I got thrown back to the question: How can we ever know if something was meant to be or not?

I bought a motorbike that broke down after two days. I guess, it was meant to be. Because through that experience I learned to be more cautious while buying the next one.

There are tweaks and frames for everything. And, perhaps, with the right perspective even shit can look glorious.

“It was meant to be,” she told me. And perhaps she was right. Also that it ended – it was meant to be.

At least, I find that – as long as it makes us feel good – why not believing it?

At the end, who’s right anyways? In an existence where everything is meant to be – and perhaps at the same time nothing at all.

And there are our little human bodies, wrapped up in clothes, trying to give meaning to what we can’t understand anyways. Still the “right meanings” and our own truths – if we find them in our favorite football team or in santa claus – they seem to give us some comfort.

To make it a bit more special for us: You were meant to read this blog post.

Feel good? I do. Thanks for reading.

Your soulmate

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