Imagine you are an alien – and you arrive on planet earth (4min read):

Imagine you are an alien, and you arrive on planet earth for the first time in your life.

You see the people wake up, drink their cups of coffee, then rush off to work. Women wear heels and paint their faces. Men coat their hair with glue. The hair looks wet. Wet and strong.

Some take pictures of themselves. And get liked by others. Some others live on the streets and beg for food.

Some run on treadmills. And pay for membership. And it all seems to be very serious.

Everyone loves pizza.

Men watch a ballgame in TV. And get angry and emotional. Very emotional. They cry, they jump. They yell at the box that shows pixels and colors in motion.

Old women drink tea with other old women. They all have handbags. Filled with things. Men don’t understand. They don’t have handbags.

And still, everyone seems to love pizza.

Some have sex. And then hate each other.

Some drink until they stumble to the ground. Then they drink more.

Some others smoke. Every half hour. Waiting for the bus. Waiting for a friend. Waiting. Waiting. Smoking. Smoking. Instagram. Facebook. Snapchat. Twitter. And everyone follows.

Some love quotes. Some read books. Some others don’t have time. They never have time. Some others are always late.

Men open the fridge and they don’t know why. They close it again. And open it again. They eat without being hungry. Eat too much until they feel sick. Peanut butter. Too much peanut butter. Beer. More beer.

Some others don’t eat. Are afraid of eating. Even of pizza. They drink instead. Shakes. Protein shakes. And more protein shakes.

Women and men argue with each other. About small stuff. Yet it’s all very serious. Both pretend to listen. Listen. Listen to reply and not to understand.

Some are hating sugar. Some others are addicted to it. And some are both.

Others pretend to be sick so they can stay at home relax and watch videos. Some others work even when they are sick – so that one day they can relax and watch videos.

Most of them want money. A lot of it. And a career. And success. And recognition. And it’s all serious. Serious. Serious.

Family is important. But career too. Fathers don’t see their kids. Couples divorce. Jobs get lost. Condoms break. Secretary gets pregnant.

People on job interviews search for the right thing to say. People on bridges search for a reason not to jump. Searching. Searching. And it’s all serious. Very serious.

Some people are black, some white, some yellow. And some hate others for their colors.

Some love their country. Some love the bible. Some love guns. Some shoot others.

Some people hire coaches, and some others hire therapists. Some are depressed, some others pretend to be happy.

Women fake their orgasms. Men watch porn. Hard. Hardcore. Anal. Wives are worried. He doesn’t get hard anymore.

Girls wondering how to give blowjobs. Parents don’t want to talk about it. Boys masturbate on school toilets.

Companies sell deodorants. Companies sell water from the other side of the world. Everything in plastic. Plastic. Plastic surgery. New breasts. New noses.

Skinny girls walk on platforms. People applaud. Fashion is a word.

Criminals sell drugs. Companies sell drugs.

People eat pills with scientific names. People have the flu. A new one every year.

Men pretend to be robots. Robots pretend to be human. Life is serious.

People read the news. And most of them don’t feel better afterwards.

Some spend their time complaining. Some other’s spend their time complaining about people who complain.

Some are afraid of immigrants. Some are immigrants – and are afraid of the ones that are afraid of them.

People pray, meditate, wear yoga pants. Instagram. Hashtags. Yoga teachers. And occasionally they eat pizza – unless they are enlightened – enlightened people drink spinach smoothies.

Some cry and some laugh, and some don’t feel anything. Some work to kill, some others work to heal.

Some are happy. Some are sad. Jealousy. Chaos. Happiness. Peace.

But you’re just an alien.

Arriving at earth.

You see it all happen. All is new. Interesting. Fun. The crazy, the ugly, the normal, the funny, the sad, the happy.

You don’t know what anything means. You’re astonished. Astonished by the diversity. Life has colors. Things are changing.

Soon you will learn. And you’ll either love it, or learn to hate it. Depending on who will tell you what it all means.


Sam Ryter. Click here for more posts.

Photo by Anna Dziubinska

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