Unwanted discoveries and unexpected lessons 😆

This morning I killed around 20 cockroaches. Or perhaps a little more. Little did I know about the life that took place just next to our door when I lifted up the heavy stone.

For weeks, I thought something was smelling strange around there. And when I finally lifted the big flat rock I knew why.

The toilet must have once been here, I thought. As the tube from our present toilet basically flushes all the dirt, (and shit) into that hole, before it leaves the ground through another tube.

I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or not about my recent discovery.

On one hand I felt slightly discouraged discovering that rotten hole next to my house. On the other hand – now I finally knew where the stank had been coming from. And I knew how to fix it. ^^

I thought I won’t take a closeup picture of the hole, but leave you with a shot from the distance.

We fixed it within a few hours. A few stinky hours, I won’t go into details. But: No more smells in the future. Hurray. No more rotten cockroach holes (at least until I discover another one – and I hope I won’t).

So… It was dirty work, and I know it’s a dirty story. BUT, I thought it has a moral:

Sometimes – hold your breath…

…we have to discover rotten-holes, face the shit, do the dirty, unpleasant work, in order to get rid of the smell.

I’m far-drawing and at the same time I found some truth in that stinky hole today. It’s called house cleaning. And last year I wrote a whole book about facing our own shadows. If something stinks, it’s sometimes worth to have a look at it – even if the truth is ugly, scary and stinks like a rotten shit-hole.

Wishing you a great week!


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