Who the fuck defined which emotions are good or bad???

Sadness can be a very gentle sensation. Even if tears are falling uncontrollably. Sadness is satisfying, soft and freeing – If we allow ourselves to be sad.

The same with all other emotions. For example anger. It can such a freeing, powerful and creative energy. If we allow it to be here.

What happens in our society is that we learn what emotions are good and which ones are bad.
As a result we only allow ourselves to feel the “good” emotions.
And the “bad” emotions get supressed. Until one day – people explode.

Who the fuck ever defined what emotions are good or bad?

I recently watched a recording of Kyle Cease’s live-event. He offered such a beautiful way to deal with hard emotions.
Everytime someone feel fear/ sadness / a feeling of being stuck / confusion …or others, people tend to resist to those emotions.

Meaning: This emotion that I’m feeling right now is not okay. And it shouldn’t be here.

Not emotions create suffering. Our resistance to our emotions creates suffering. That’s where we all start to freak out.

What if we can break the rule of judging our emotions? Because labeling our emotions didn’t really support our freedom so far, did it?

And what if we could add a simple “and I love that”.

“I feel sad. And I love that.”
“I feel angry. And I love that.”
“I feel happy. And I love that.”
“I feel lonely. And I love that.”
“I am confused. And I love that.”
“I am scared. And I love that.”

Emotions are never what creates suffering. Emotions are the expression of our bodies, showing us where we focus our attention on.
Suffering comes when “I feel sad. And I don’t love that. Because someone, someday made me believe what emotions I am supposed to feel, and which ones not.”

What the fuck. (oh, I’m not supposed to say that)

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