Are we at the tipping point of our golden age?

Nature always finds ways to balance itself out, and in history not one single race, kingdom, empire had ever been superior without collapsing at one point. Not the Romans, not the Aztecs, not the Greeks, not the Nazis, not the Osmans. Not even the Egyptians.

Nowadays the empire is called capitalism. It’s not about a particular race – but about “money” and power (perhaps similar to the previous empires).

Everyone who does the math will see that the end for our beloved empire is near if we keep on expanding and living the way we do. Many people will die – not due to age but to a collapse of the system, panic, overpopulation, war for resources. We will kill each other – out of ignorance.

I’m okay with being called crazy for stating it, because facing the truth is scary. But I’ve been observing too much to simply shut my mouth.

It’s shocking because the human race has the capacity to love and help one another, at the same time greed makes us act like parasites. And if we look at the bigger picture – from a neutral place – then the world is indeed “infected” by a human race. Like a parasite, a sickness, a cancer that grows exponentially. People create more people. We try to make ourselves immortal – as if death was something unnatural. Talking about balance.

There’s a story about the moose in the woods: There are periods when there are suddenly too many animals. Like a golden age for the moose. They change the eco-system. Until the tipping point is reached and suddenly a lot of those animals die – because there’s simply not enough food.

Nature has always done it’s work with balancing itself out. And so it will do with us – when the tipping point is reached. And the tipping point is close.

Perhaps 10 years. Maybe 15. Maybe less. Who knows?

We live in a fantasy land if we blindly believe that the good old system will protect us. The tipping point is close.

A big change will happen, to a point where I doubt that the system can keep up with. It’s a barrel without holes anyways. So is the money business. And likely the currency hoarded on bank-accounts will mean nothing anymore.

What will exactly happen is something no-one can predict. But I’m guessing that the ones who find balance first, will be the ones with the best cards:

The ones who are one with nature, who know how to grow plants, how to build their own house, how to sustain themselves “off-grid”.

Again; nature will find its balance – with or without us. It always did. Like many great empires: At the point when they thought to be most powerful and immortal the end was always near.

Still – just speculations, yet it brings up important questions:

What did matter at the end? Our careers, money, status? Pride of countries or of races?

All that, which has (imagined) value now, will be upside down. What will count then is what has real value. And we may look now, instead of being distracted.

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