Create Deeper And More Meaningful Relationships With Others.

Currently I’m not available to accept new coaching clients. However I believe “Coaching” to be as one of the most  powerful facilitators for transformation. I would like to share with you 3 contacts of coaches who changed my life and I personally was able to work with and experience their coaching – and from whom I know that they may be able to help you even more powerfully than I could.

Bryan Reeves –
Tamas Bedo –
Jacob Sokol –

Retreats and Workshops

1-2 Day “Human Connection Workshops”

The “Human Connection Workshops” are a fun way to directly experience what it means to “drop all of the minds garbage” and be fully present with another person.

Currently there are no workshops scheduled.


Group Retreats

A few times a year, I’m taking a group of people on a journey into nature. These retreats are organized on demand, from ten people and more.

Currently there are no retreats scheduled.

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What others have experienced through Retreats and Workshops

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