Finding the ONE thing… (do we all have something we could be brilliant in?)

Jimi had his guitar. Roger has his tennis-racket. Steve had his mac.

​​And I believe we all have this one thing in which we seem to flourish. This thing which makes us forget time and allows us to lighten up like little kids on the playground.

​​A certain activity, where we, with time, sometimes even surprise ourselves.

We may not be as famous as Jimi, Roger or Steve – yet I doubt that those three did what they did just – for fame.

I found and understand that it’s not always easy to “find” that thing.

There are values and expectations that we inherit from family, teachers and people around – who, of course, “just want the best for you”.

In my case, those inherited values had been in conflict with what I really love doing.

I have a friend, his passion was to simply plant and grow flowers in the garden. Yet, the job was too “simple” for his grades. Instead he went to study law. Something which pleased his parents.

Which leads me back to “finding” the thing we flourish: What if we, in a way, already know to what we are “called” to do?

And what if sometimes the only things that stand between us and our dream, are false expectations and values which we learned to believe in, but are not really ours?

It also seems that doing the “thing” brings a sacrifice. Which brings us to an existential question: What is life really about for me?

And — am I willing to trade?


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