Educating kids beyond IQ and Talent

A toddler has no definition of itself. She doesn’t care about career, or future. She lives in the now. Like a dog… or a chicken – she just exists.

She doesn’t tend to take things personally neither does she accuse or bear grudges.

She tries, she fails, she learns.

“You’re a stupid kid.”

…And your words have power.

Especially in the developing stages – as she slowly starts to pick up information, trying to define herself.

There’s talent. There’s IQ. Yet… there is also “identity”.

How many kids grow up learning to believe that they are stupid, ugly, worthless, unlovable?

No matter how high my IQ is, no matter how talented I am; believing to be a stupid prick, will affect my life, the way I approach things, the way I respond to situations, the way I express myself…

Are we – unconsciously dragging those learned beliefs with us for most of our lives? I think it happens more than often. It not only affects our lives, but the world that we encounter.

Kids are like sponges. And I believe, apart of hammering math and geometry into their brains it is indeed “life-changing” to help them believe in themselves and show how their own thoughts affect their lives and to some extend even the lives of the people around them.

Parents who take this step beyond “school-grades” and IQ tests, are my heroes. A kid that learns to identify herself with healthy beliefs will eventually give back more than top-grades.

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