Being consistent like the waves

Yesterday night, Orsi and me were having a walk at the beach. We looked at the waves crushing at the shore, over and over again.

Orsi joked “they never give up”. And we had to laugh – Because it’s true!

People from all over the world come here to this place, to surf the most consistent waves on the planet.

You know what you’ve got with those waves… And they do it over and over again, providing their force to the ones that accept the offer and surf with it. It’s attracting its own kind of people.

As human beings we don’t lack of consistency! But we tend to consistently play small and please others.

We lack in the consistency of speaking our truth. Of expressing our desires. Of following our hearts. Of choosing love rather than fear.

Why? Because we could lose all the people that loved us for being that worthless, quiet, scared, little rabbit that has nothing to say.

General rule:
Do something consistently – people eventually start to accept you.

What you choose to do consistently is in your hands.

Beach Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico - Consistent Waves

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