Christmas – A time to look within

Dear friends all around the world,

it has been months since I last gave a sign of life from me. Still I am in Mexico. The sun still shines and the weather is still hot. So hot that it feels weird to think about Christmas.

It has been a huge year for me. Quiet. But big. I have been writing two novels this year. Mostly in silence, especially since August. What this silence gave me personally, is still something I fail to describe in words. No internet also meant, no distractions. And so, I wrote and wrote, and I’m very happy to announce that my novel PICO BLANCO will be published in on the 26th of April 2019.

PICO BLANCO is a story of a young man who leaves his secluded village for the first time in his life to follow his dream and climb the greatest of all mountains. On his way, he meets different people, teachers, and he makes experiences that help him to wake up to the infinite power that resides within him and beyond the physical.

When I showed the book to some of my friends, they said: “Sam, this is your story isn’t it?”

I laughed at first but then had to admit that they were right. It made me think, that, in a way, all I write is “my story.” If we want it or not. An artist in Hungary once told me that she believes everyone always finds his own story within the story.

I’m looking forward a lot to April, and the day the book is available for everyone on this planet. Things will shift for me personally too. I feel an excitement to start blogging regularly again, complete my next book and to travel through Europe, visit family, friends and to meet and listen to many new people.

But for now, I wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Wherever you are on this planet. And whether you celebrate those days or not. I believe the days, close to the end of the year, are always a good time to reflect, to slow down, to be grateful and to set good intentions for the future.

Merry Christmas!

In 2017, I wrote a book called “the Book of Being.” Some of you might have it already. It is a very tiny one. One that consists of nine characters who offer their point of view to life.

I believe that, often, the answers are closer than we think. It’s my wish that the stories in this book comfort, provoke thoughts and maybe spark a sense of inspiration within you.

I have republished the book this week, and for you as a gift, and for your Christmas holiday, I made the book freely available for download. It is a tiny book, but one, I believe, that has deep waters. One that gives us perspectives to contemplate, and to think about.

You can share this book with as many people as you like. As said, it is free. It’s for you.

Merry Christmas and until soon.


PS. The novel PICO BLANCO (release on April 26th) will be available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon (for print), iBooks, and at many other retailers. (E-Book pre-orders are already available for an awesome pre-release price of 1.99 here)


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