Following The Signs

Do you know the movie “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? Yesterday night I gave it a shot and watched the movie for the first time.

I had to laugh so much, not only because Jim Carrey is always so hilarious 🙂 … but it also made me think about how much we take the “SIGNS” for granted…

There’s a scene where Bruce is talking to god. He is shouting at him “GIVE ME A SIGN!!!” and his pager would go off at the same moment.

Or he would be shouting for a sign – and in front of him there would be a big street sign with a “STOP”.

In both situations Bruce would ignore the signs. Because out of one simple reason:


It’s almost like “god” gives you a sign and you’re like “That’s not it”

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How Are You?

In the past I would try to be really “authentic”… And instead of saying just “good”, I would search for things that are not quite going as well as I like them to have… Why? Because I would consider this as very honest. And everyone who would just say “I’m … Read more