I’m taking a vacation

17.06.2018 Currently I’m traveling with my beautiful lady through Mexico. There are so many new impressions falling upon me. We are now in Oaxaca. A city of artists. You can literally see fantastic artpieces in almost every street and paintings on the walls. Quite different to the world I used to live in – here, the freedom of colors and imagination is celebrated.

Also: History had been made here. Just a few minutes away, there are historical Aztec temples. A culture that fascinated me since my childhood. People have been sacrificed on the seemingly endless stairs of the pyramids. Battles have been fought, and wars and conquest overcame these lands.

Still, there are more than 2 million indigenous people living in the rainforests – in parts that modern civilization hasn’t yet touched with its greedy fingers.

What comes up within me, is a lot of inspiration and an urge to do more research about the fascinating historical background of thiese lands – that’s why I decided to take this week off from writing, and let this special culture crush me.

It will be a week without blogging and posting in any way. A sort of vacation. It will allow me to fully emerge in this adventure here, to step back, and come back with a full cup, full of new inspiration.

Below a few pictures.

I’ll be fully back by next sunday 😉



Dealing with Storms of Information

We live in stormy times. Waves of information crush us every single day. My mind, occupied. Running from one meeting to the other. In times of “wait”, my cellphone would feed me again. More food, more information. No matter how much, and no matter how relevant. It’s all better than not being… wait for it… bored.

News are shouting, trends are changing, privacy policies are updated.

And nobody can’t really keep up. Or can you?

Quantity seemed to have won over quality. We don’t read – we scan. We don’t engage – we are on the run. More is more.

Action pure. Those are the rules of the storm. – At least it’s not getting boring

But for how long will that be good for us?

Storms are needed sometimes. They are the sailors pride.

But to sit down, slow down and be intimate – had perhaps saved me so often from getting completely mad than there are cows in Switzerland (maybe not that much… but I hope you get my point)

Because I realize that only in times of stillness I have the capacity to clean my ship.

Your best friend

Imagine a friend that pokes you, discourages you and blames you most of the time.

When you’ve done something great – she expects more of you.
When something went wrong – she attacks and humiliates you.

She tells you to stay small, tells you not to follow your dreams, tells you that you’re undeserving, ugly and incapable.

What kind of friend would that be? I’d never hang out with her.

Yet, a few days ago, I looked at the relationship I have with myself – And it astonished me when I asked myself: How well am I doing inside my own skin?

I mean – how well am I REALLY doing? By default – When I’m not aware.

It blew my mind when I realised that that “friend” in our head often acts no different than the one described above.

How powerful this question is: What kind of a friend am I to myself? Am I encouraging, empowering, uplifting? Or devastating, torturing and shaming – without even being aware of it?

It stuck with me to realize that I’d better be my best friend – because I have to hang out with that guy all the time.

It’s great to have uplifting and awesome friend in my life. Yet isn’t it fascinating that the way we feel inside our own skin has often much less to do with the outer circumstances – than with the way we treat and accept ourselves?

Just… thinking…

Eddy the Snail: When opportunity knocks at the door…

Eddy the snail - a short story about opportunity.

12.06.2018 – Dear readers, this is a short update what happened yesterday:

What many don’t know yet, around a month ago, I started blogging for a new social media platform.

For the last 30 days, I’ve been writing a post every day on there – It just seemed to fit me so well.

Yesterday, it suddenly happened, one of my posts went viral. I didn’t even know what it meant at first. All I did, was just doing what I’ve done so many times in the past already. I simply wrote what was on my heart.

The post that went viral was a story of “Eddy”. I came up with that yesterday morning. Most randomly. Eddy is a snail and dreams of getting to the other side of the street. The only problem: Too many cars make it seemingly impossible for him to cross.

The story is about “opportunity” and seizing it when it knocks a the door.

Because what differentiated Eddy from his snail friends: He came back to the street, every single day – after work, and dreamed to be on the other side.

Until one day he somehow forgot the time, and when he opened his eyes it was already pitch black. He looked up… And realised: There were no cars anymore…

What Eddy teaches us: We don’t need to hope for the opportunity to come, we simply have to show up, do what we love – and opportunity is always the consequence.

Thanks Eddy. If you want to read the full 3min story you can head over (for the first time) to my Steemit profile and read about Eddy’s destiny there: https://steemit.com/story/@sams-world/the-story-of-eddy-the-snail-when-life-gives-you-the-opportunity-to-thrive-3min-read

Best wishes,

The good old times…

the good old times - old pictures - blogpost by sam ryter

How amazing it is to take a moment, and to look back to the good old times.

After a study of finding out what people were most likely to save in a fire, the researchers concluded that old photographs came right after the wallet, pets and … hold yourself … the IPhone.

Why have old photographs such a big meaning to us? They remind us to the good old times.

We love to look back. We seem to chuckle at our old struggles, challenges and frustrations. We were innocent. We didn’t know better. And when we look at an old picture; what usually stays with us is a good emotion.

One day we will look back at this time, where you live now, what you’re pursuing now, the struggles and challenges you’re facing now. You will be on the photo. And we will be nostalgic.

The good old times are now. What if we enjoy them now, face our challenges and struggles with compassion, and innocence. And move forward in the knowing that; we always try our very best to be happy.

Wishing you a great week.


Thank you Fancycrave for the photo!

My 7 golden areas for a balanced life (4min read)

Today, I wanted to share with you the 7 golden areas for a balanced life. After a hard breakup in 2016 I struggled with emotional pain, self-doubts, unhappiness and a general lack of energy. Looking back, I realise that there’s never been a challenge without a gift for me. It was back then when I, after hours of daily-journaling, I came up with the “golden 7”.

The golden 7 are the 7 areas in my life I need to nourish in order to have a balanced, fulfilled life. When I feel a sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in my life, I look at the 7 areas and see what area I’ve been dismissing.

To me, all of them are important. And the balance is key. In times of longer low-moods it’s usually good to slow down, go over all areas and ask myself the following questions:

Read moreMy 7 golden areas for a balanced life (4min read)


06.06.2018 – The past 2 weeks have been wild and full with changes. I stopped the daily emails and cleaned up my email list. Today, the daily emails, with short-notes and posts started again – to just a few hands full of people.

With those changes the past 2 weeks, I’ve “lost” many subscribers. “Lost” in quotation marks, because I didn’t really lose them.

​​Truth was, I had many email addresses of people who signed up, a few years or months ago, and over time slowly drifted off.

It’s a very natural thing. I can see this in my life too. For a while I’m super interested in one thing, but then soon, as I change focus, I’m drifting off to other things. The last 2 weeks gave me a good opportunity to delete those addresses. They were more than 2000. And it felt great to clean up.

That’s how life works, I believe. Some people cross our paths, and we cross others, sometimes we stay longer, sometimes less, sometimes we decide to travel until the end of our lives, sometimes after a few hours we wander apart again.

I’m glad you’re still willing to share this path with me, even if it’s just for now. The flow of life can never be stopped. But as long as we travel together, I want to make sure that we’ll have a good time 😉

For me, on my part, I will keep on doing what I do best and love most, and send you my short notes. I’m always trying to make them uplifting and thought-provoking at the same time.

Even if it feels like “starting over”, it’s a rebirth. But I already look forward to see this community grow again, to attract the people who NOW are willing to share the path, together with us.

Best wishes to you, and until tomorrow 🙂


“I should have trusted my intuition”

“I should have trusted my intuition,” I thought last week.

When I quit the daily blog, it just didn’t feel right. I thought it’s just because of fear, or because I was already so used to send a daily email, that such a drastic change would of course create resistance.

But the past 10 days made me miss something. Suddenly blogging got a different meaning, and the reception of many emails of people who asked for the return of the daily, short, uplifting emails made it even worse.

“What would happen if I just break the rules and start to send out the daily emails again, for those who love to receive it it?” The moment I asked myself this questions, I felt immediately good. It felt right.

Like it always felt, when I posted.

Call it intuition: It’s been haunting me for a few weeks now. It tells me to listen more carefully.

A few months ago, I bought a surfboard. I somehow knew it wasn’t the right one for me, but eager to just go out into the waves I bought it. “I should have trusted my intuition.” I thought later… As it clearly was the wrong choice for the waves of the surfbreak here.

Yesterday I was looking for a new pair of shorts. The one pair that Orsi suggested me to buy, just didn’t feel right. I was just about to buy them, ready at the counter, when I remembered to check in first. It truly didn’t feel good. So, I decided to leave the shorts there.

Magically, out of nothing, I saw another pair that I wasn’t even aware of before. I liked them, I tried them on… And they fit perfectly.

Sitting at the beach, in the evening – in my new shorts, I thought: “I’m glad I trusted my intuition.”

Now being honest, I don’t really know what this thing called “intuition” is. I can’t even explain it. It’s so subtle but when we listen carefully we can somehow hear it, feel it, sense it.

Its decisions are often irrational. But each time I’m astonished by its wisdom and guidance.

Bringing back the daily blog feels right. It doesn’t make sense after all, but it just feels light. Something tells me that it’s the right choice. Is it intuition or not… I don’t know. But why not do, what brings us joy?

Therefore: The daily blog is available again via email – for those who wish to receive it.


My dear email subscribers: The daily fun is over… :(

It’s sad and great news at the same time. From today on there won’t be any daily emails anymore. Instead there will be the (already existing) weekly summary.

I made a one-man-business-strategy meeting this morning and decided the following (Unanimous: With 100% to 0 votes.)

  1. I won’t send daily emails anymore. (because of possible mailbox explosion – and we don’t want that. I don’t even want that.)
  2. You’ll get a weekly-summary email every sunday. (shortly featuring all articles of the week – and you click on whatever interests you.)
  3. In case you want to keep on reading daily: I will still post a great piece every single day on my blog at exactly 8.30am (CET): samryter.com/blog

AND apologies for those tech-issues…(to those it may concern) I should have watched that stuff better. I would be frustrated too, if I’d opt for the weekly summary and all I get is a daily load of content from Sam! So, sorry about that.

I’m still figuring things out. I’m learning. And I grow. It’s a process.

So… Don’t cry if tomorrow you don’t find an email (I’m sure you won’t cry – but if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you). You can find the articles still here on my blog (where it’s easier to engage anyways…) And I’ll write you on sunday… (and that’s pretty soon).

For those who are thinking about subscribing: You basically opt for the weekly summary. 1x a week you get the best of the week into your mailbox.

Being a fighter…

Being a fighter by sam ryter - blog

Being in the ring and fighting someone, brought up all the fears within me. I was an animal. Seeking to survive. There was no pain, no sense for the cheering crowd, just me and the opponent – and all in slow motion.

Clash! Two shins hit against each other. The crowd cheered. I didn’t hear it. Then I got hit into my face, by a knee – I didn’t feel it.

When someone asked me about the experiences and learning I made as a fighter, I always struggled to describe it. You have to experience it, to know what it is like.

What I can say: When you are present, in the moment, “in the zone” – you, your body, your mind are capable of way more than you could ever imagine.

But I, Sam, had to get out of the way. In the ring there’s no identity. There’s no place for the self-doubting, pitiful little me. There’s just raw survival. Perhaps, that’s why it’s so addictive. You get forced to be present. You have no choice.

And when you are present, no matter what circumstances – you experience a contentment and a power that we are all looking for.

Circumstances never matter. Now is the time. It’s all here. Open your eyes.