We are all artists

We are all artists, creative, expressive, pure, joyful – it’s our nature. It’s our essence.

If I look at the little kids, running around in the park – I know, that we are all born with it.

Then we grow up. And somehow get the idea that life is way more serious. And that love, connection, inspiration, flow is something that had to be earned with hard work.

One after another collapses under the pressure of society. Under the ideas of what we ‘think’ is good for us.

What if the world would listen more to that inner artist?
To listen more to what actually calls us. To what’s actually relevant. To listen to that enthusiasm, that creative expressive, loving spark that somehow always guides us…

Letting go of the Crap

Yestderday, I wrote a bunch of crap. About inspiration, that it can only be allowed. About letting go, about how the need of control limits us.

All words I needed to hear as I edited and tweaked for almost 3 hours what was already ill in its foundation.

After the 3 hours of “not letting go” and of “not allowing”… and of “not really being inspired” but rather of trying to impress you – with how evolved and wise I am. I thought it might be better to leave this whole thing alone for a few hours. To go out, eat some tacos with a friend. And to have fun.

This morning I woke up. As I read my work from the previous day, I thought, “you know what, screw it.” I deleted all that which felt so heavy in the first place. All that hard work from yesterday. And because it was such hard work, so much effort, it really felt like a loss. At the same time it felt freeing.

Like a heavy burden was taken off my chest.

Moral of the story: Sometimes we create a bunch of crap. And sometimes letting go of the crap feels like the greatest loss. But as we let go of what feels so heavy, we somehow create space for new, lighter, more nourishing things.


Understanding The Opposite Sex (2min)

I believe there is a reason that we are creating a world of opposites. The yin and the yang. The masculine and the feminine. The light, and the dark, the day and the night. We create a contrast reality. And that’s where the dance of life happens. It’s easy to say that “we are all one” but that at the same time is in a way neglecting this beautiful play inside the circle between the feminine and the masculine.

What if we choose to experience and acknowledge the opposites, as they lead us closer to what we truly are.

Intimacy is the dance of opposites.

The core feminine value is CONNECTION
The core masculine value is FREEDOM

It helps me to understand women better. And myself. It helps me to be more compassionate. And I believe in all conflict, compassion that’s the key for peace.

Men seek freedom.
Women seek connection.

On a superficial level; there is the man, afraid to commit, afraid in getting into something that will require too much of his commitment. He seeks the adventure, and therefore, a natural response is to run – as soon as it gets too close.

And then there is the woman, attached and afraid of letting the other person go. Stacks her expectations, builds pressure and gets disappointed.

We all have a woman and a man within us. And yet, based on our gender, we have one fundamental drive. Even very feminine men, fundamentally seek freedom. Even very masculine women deep down seek for connection.

I’m noticing slowly that the highest freedom lies in the embracing both. The yin and the yang. It took me a few years to slowly see.

I am attaining the highest forms of freedom when I’m deeply connected. It goes beyond the superficial idea of what the youthful mind believes to be freedom, but there’s a deeper sense of freedom, it has nothing to do with traveling the world, having variety in partners or being free of commitments. It’s a form of freedom that makes no sense to an immature boy.

On the feminine side; the deepest connections are experienced when we allow ourselves and the other person to be free. Free of control, free of judgement, free of fears. Connection can’t be forced. It can only be deepened through allowance.

Freedom and Connection. The yin and the yang. They are not in conflict with each other (as it seems on the surface), but they complement each other. The feminine helps the masculine to go even deeper. And the same happens the other way round. That’s where the circle closes.

One can’t exist without the other.

As light is not visible without the shadow.

Intimacy is the dance of opposites.
It takes courage. It takes humbleness. Strength.

And yet, I experience it as the door, the mirror for me to grow. Avoidance has been easy all alone – and still, I believe, we seek the opposite. As every opposite makes us face and accept what we like to keep in the dark.

Intimacy is scary.
And yet, we ALL need it.

Who the fuck defined which emotions are good or bad???

Sadness can be a very gentle sensation. Even if tears are falling uncontrollably. Sadness is satisfying, soft and freeing – If we allow ourselves to be sad.

The same with all other emotions. For example anger. It can such a freeing, powerful and creative energy. If we allow it to be here.

What happens in our society is that we learn what emotions are good and which ones are bad.
As a result we only allow ourselves to feel the “good” emotions.
And the “bad” emotions get supressed. Until one day – people explode.

Who the fuck ever defined what emotions are good or bad?

I recently watched a recording of Kyle Cease’s live-event. He offered such a beautiful way to deal with hard emotions.
Everytime someone feel fear/ sadness / a feeling of being stuck / confusion …or others, people tend to resist to those emotions.

Meaning: This emotion that I’m feeling right now is not okay. And it shouldn’t be here.

Not emotions create suffering. Our resistance to our emotions creates suffering. That’s where we all start to freak out.

What if we can break the rule of judging our emotions? Because labeling our emotions didn’t really support our freedom so far, did it?

And what if we could add a simple “and I love that”.

“I feel sad. And I love that.”
“I feel angry. And I love that.”
“I feel happy. And I love that.”
“I feel lonely. And I love that.”
“I am confused. And I love that.”
“I am scared. And I love that.”

Emotions are never what creates suffering. Emotions are the expression of our bodies, showing us where we focus our attention on.
Suffering comes when “I feel sad. And I don’t love that. Because someone, someday made me believe what emotions I am supposed to feel, and which ones not.”

What the fuck. (oh, I’m not supposed to say that)

What is spirituality? (3min)

Today I heard a musician say: “I think spirituality is that part within everyone of us that responds to what’s beautiful.”

I would like to let that sink in for a moment.

All that is beautiful needs a contrast to be seen. It’s as if light needs a shadow to be recognized.
And so is life in this contrast reality. We have the Yin and the Yang. The masculine and the feminine. The day and the night.

Beauty has no preference. It arises out of the dance of the opposites.

It’s impermanent, constantly changing. Like a flower that grows out of a seed in spring, blossoms in summer, falls apart in autumn and dies again in winter.

It can sometimes seem to be a big mess – like life – or love. And yet, we know one thing; the circle is always closing.

How strange would it be if the whole forest would start to freak out in fall, because the trees slowly lose their leaves.
But somehow nature knows that everything has it’s time, and that everything works in harmony. There’s no need to resist.

Now humans are different. At least we *think* we are. And thought is the curse and the blessing at the same time.

We believe we can control nature. And define beauty. And that we can keep things permanent.

It’s as if everyone wants to experience summer only. Every 40 year old woman tries to look like a 20 year old. We often buy stuff we don’t really need in order to be more of this, or more of that. We work hard – often too hard. Afraid of the “winter”. Afraid that spring would never come back again. So we hold on to it. And when autumn shows up in an area of our lives – we just can’t accept.

Who are we little humans to believe to be more powerful than nature. It’s that permanent fight against the seasons of life that let’s us suffer.

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I’m Triggered

Today, I’m triggered, and I’m realising that this state is probably not the best place to create something beautiful. Rather it is a time to sit. To just be with the emotions that I don’t want to feel. To get intimate with what I don’t want to know about.

From down here, nothing makes sense, what yesterday was so clear. As if I had blinders on.

There’s always a strenght arising out of that.

It hurts in my body. And I have an urge to run into addictions. But at the same time it’s as if my body tells me to slow down. What do you want to show me? It’s the time to sit and to listen.

Beauty can’t be forced

Writing is changing my life. It has become my reminder that love, flow, inspiration, joy is present – always.

What if it’s our responsibility to let go of control and to trust – To fall in love with the unknown? To fall in love with life? What if this is the fountain of creativity, of art, of potential, of love? This is where I see our individual gifts come through. Nobody can force beauty. We can only allow it.

It’s never about you!

Writing a book is always an adventure for me. It’s almost as if I’m the channel for the story. I have the hands and fingers to type. And yet I am not in control. I never know where the journey leads, that’s what makes it so exciting for me. The direction is decided out of each and every moment.

Sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree. Sometimes I’m enthusiastic and full of hope, sometimes I suffer with the character. I’m realising that writing a book is a much vaster process than I ever imagined. Rather than controlling the story, it’s a letting go. A stepping into the unknown. My job is it to surrender. To trust. And let the story come through me.

If I resist. I suffer.

It’s fascinating how this applies to all of life.

Finding Beauty

I move away from home. I have to leave. I got used to the beauty.

It seems the more habitual we live our lives; the less space there is for spontaneity.

Beauty is never static. It is spontaneous. Impermanent. And it is only found in the vibrance of the moment.

Beauty can’t be planed. It can only be discovered.

When I turn my back to what’s beautiful I realise that it has always been here.

As if we need a contrast.
Do we seek the distance in order to love the near?
Do we need a shadow in order to see the light?

As if we seek the struggle to recognize love.

Entering Higher States Of Consciousness

I believe we all have access to the highest wisdom. Sometimes I catch myself speaking words and phrases I personally would never come up with. Sometimes when I write I find myself giving myself the greatest advice I could ever receive.

This happens when we step into a higher state of consciousness.

Writing, music, sports, great conversations with friends are channels for me.

It’s those times when we don’t think. We relax. We enjoy. And we are clear. We just flow.

That wisdom is within all of us. And yet we learn to believe that it’s waiting somewhere outside of ourselves. And we run and chase after things, without noticing that sometimes it’s just about slowing down.

To take a deep breath. To relax. To enjoy life. To tap into love and appreciation.

There lies the wisdom. And it’s available to all of us.

What tools help you to alter your consciousness? Is it exercising? Is it a great conversation? Is it meditation? Is it art?