On Dreaming… (from my new book)

Pablo: “I’m not sure if I was dreaming or not.”

The old man answered: “It doesn’t matter if it was a dream or not! It doesn’t matter to me. And it shouldn’t to you. What is real or not is something you can never be sure anyways. What’s important is to see and acknowledge your experience. That’s where you learn. That’s the mirror for you to grow, Pablo.”

The Story Of The Lion & The Sheep (2min)

One day a little lion baby lost its mother.

Helplessly the baby was sitting in the grass, desperate, hungry, unable to take care of itself. It cried and hoped to be heard by its mother. But nothing happened.

After a while, a sheep herd passed by. You could hear them from far away “meeh, meeeh, meeeh”.

While they were passing, one of the sheeps stopped and recognised the starving little lion. The sheep picked up the baby, fed it, and started to take care of it. And within a blink of an eye, the little baby lion already became a part of the sheep-clan.

The baby lion slowly grew up, and learned to behave like the other sheeps. It started to eat grass, and it was even able to make the same sounds as the other sheeps. “Meeh, meeh”.In the beginning it had some trouble adapting, but with time, it became one of them.

Many years passed and over time the cute little baby lion turned a gigantic, powerful beast…

And then, one day, another lion, hid in the bushes to hunt for food.

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Beauty can’t be forced

Writing is changing my life. It has become my reminder that love, flow, inspiration, joy is present – always.

What if it’s our responsibility to let go of control and to trust – To fall in love with the unknown? To fall in love with life? What if this is the fountain of creativity, of art, of potential, of love? This is where I see our individual gifts come through. Nobody can force beauty. We can only allow it.


“People on a mission have no time to worry” he thought, and realised how profoundly true that was as he could see various examples of people in his village  who weren’t creating something out of inspiration but would spend their time procrastinating and worrying.

Now he remembered what Isaac told him after he asked him about his different art pieces in the lake-house. He said: “Creation and inspiration are connected to the loving power that flows through each and every one. Worrying and procrastination are connected to the fearful spiral of the mind. And we as human beings are capable of going both ways. I do my art not because I have to, but because it reminds of the freedom and potential that we always carry with ourselves.”


Sex is the deepest physical connection we can have with someone.

On a physical level, it’s a simple thing. Everyone knows the mechanics. That’s what they teach us…

And yet, often on an emotional level people are NOT ready.

How can you be intimate while being afraid of being honest and showing your true face. How can we feel the other person’s needs if all we are is being stuck in our minds?

How can we experience a tantric moment, if all we are interested in is to perform and to achieve a certain outcome?

That’s not love-making. It is fear-making.

There’s no intimacy as long as we keep up the walls of fear. That’s the work every single person has to do who wants to experience love (We are all included). To have the courage to put down the mask, to be okay with being vulnerable. To surrender. To give all of yourself.

It’s beyond what they teach in school. Because it’s beyond of what they are aware of.

Fear destroys.
Love heals.

It’s our choice.

When Boys Follow Their Dreams

“Father, I want to climb the mountain and come back here. And then marry Anna. It will be all the same. Just that I saw the world from the top.”

“You are still a boy Pablo. You can’t just pursue your dream and come back and pretend that everything is still the same. If you come back from your journey, you won’t ever look the same way into your mother’s eyes. You will come back as a man. It’s what happens to every boy who starts to follow his dreams.”

“That’s why most parents are so afraid to let their child go. Even if the child is already big and strong” Pablo thought to himself. Looking at the people in his village he realised that some stay boys for their whole lives – still doing what their parents are asking of them, without having an own direction in life.”


Pride vs. Humility

Everything we do in life is easier when we do it without pride but with humility.

When we do things with pride we tend to force our outcomes. We just see one way and we are blind to see all the beautiful doors and opportunities that life brings us.

Often times, I hear people complaining that life is hard, and that they are powerless.

Don’t confuse god with your small-minded ideas.

God is always here offering help, but pride and stubbornness is too blind to see it.