Action + Consistency + Surrender = Manifestation

I had a call yesterday with Thomas V. Zwieten. He had been creating such beautiful things the past 3 months. Yesterday, on one of our coaching calls, he shared with me his experiences on how he sees his manifestations come to live. It stuck with me, it inspired me – so much that I wanted to share it with you today.

Action + Consistency + Surrender = Manifestation

The questions needed to be asked:

What is it that I want to manifest? / Who do I want to be? / What do I want to experience?

Without knowing what you desire, you have no direction (btw. if you think it’s ‘bad’ to have desires, then read yesterday’s post: “Why it’s okay to have desires.”)

What can I do to get closer to what I want to manifest? What are ways? What opportunities are present?

You want something – do something. Start. You may fail, learn and grow stronger.

What form of action do I love so much that I wouldn’t mind doing it every day?

It’s scary to commit. And it’s easy to find excuses and to stop. Rule of thumb: 80% of all people stop too soon. Don’t be one of them. Unless you enjoy staying at the same place.

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Why people quit – and others succeed (the golden ratio)

This article explains why people quit on their dreams, and why others succeed. It will take around 5 min to read. And some time for contemplation – as we will dive into the laws of nature. I hope this article will give you deeper insights about life, your goals and your fears.

In 1896, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered the 20/80 rule. People would later call it “The Pareto Principle”.

What he noticed was that 80% of the land in Italy, was owned by just 20% of the population. And 80% of the population would share the remaining 20%.

What does that have to do with success and failure? We come to that.

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