Finding the ONE thing… (do we all have something we could be brilliant in?)

Jimi had his guitar. Roger has his tennis-racket. Steve had his mac. ​​And I believe we all have this one thing in which we seem to flourish. This thing which makes us forget time and allows us to lighten up like little kids on the playground. ​​A certain activity, where … Read more

My 7 golden areas for a balanced life (4min read)

Today, I wanted to share with you the 7 golden areas for a balanced life. After a hard breakup in 2016 I struggled with emotional pain, self-doubts, unhappiness and a general lack of energy. Looking back, I realise that there’s never been a challenge without a gift for me. It was back then when I, after hours of daily-journaling, I came up with the “golden 7”.

The golden 7 are the 7 areas in my life I need to nourish in order to have a balanced, fulfilled life. When I feel a sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in my life, I look at the 7 areas and see what area I’ve been dismissing.

To me, all of them are important. And the balance is key. In times of longer low-moods it’s usually good to slow down, go over all areas and ask myself the following questions:

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