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Entering Higher States Of Consciousness

I believe we all have access to the highest wisdom. Sometimes I catch myself speaking words and phrases I personally would never come up with. Sometimes when I write I find myself giving myself the greatest advice I could ever receive. This happens when we step into a higher state

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Pursuing Goals - Sam Ryter
Short-Notes, Stories & Quotes

Pursuing Goals (From My New Book)

This little text is an excerpt of my new book (in the making). It’s always good to know where you are going. It’s good to have a direction. It gives hope and meaning to the people. People without a direction usually feel lost. Not that it would matter, but that’s

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Going for your dreams

Some people told him to forget about his dream. And yet the dream of being on top of the mountain would never quite leave him. It’s the dream of most boys to explore, to create, to achieve something great. Not many ever do it. One could fall and die. “And

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Parenting & Letting Go

“Following your dreams is a dangerous journey my son. And we will never meet again after you leave. That’s why a part of me doesn’t want you to go. That’s why your friends want you to stay.” “Why not?” Pablo asked slightly surprised. “I intend to climb the mountain and

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Love Sees – Fear is Blind

“When you’re in love you know the other person. You know life. Not intellectually but you feel it. The saying: ‘Love is blind’ is easily taken as the only truth. We believe it blindly. But deep inside we all know that when we love, we see. When we fear we

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Following The Signs

Do you know the movie “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? Yesterday night I gave it a shot and watched the movie for the first time. I had to laugh so much, not only because Jim Carrey is always so hilarious 🙂 … but it also made me think about how

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Slowing Down To Speed Up

Yesterday I sat on the rooftop of the place I’m staying here in Morocco, and I had a moment I would just love to share with you. Generally, I have the tendency to always work for something, to be engaged, to create something… And when this is done – I

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How Are You?

In the past I would try to be really “authentic”… And instead of saying just “good”, I would search for things that are not quite going as well as I like them to have… Why? Because I would consider this as very honest. And everyone who would just say “I’m

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Meeting Someone Special

Yesterday I met a woman. And sometimes, when we meet someone we can immediately tell or rather feel.. “I LIKE YOU”. I don’t necessarily mean in a romantic way, or in a physical way. As this “I LIKE YOU” can take so many different forms and shapes. She walked into

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Self-Help Articles

What is life about for me? (3min read)

What is life about for me? What a big question that is. It immediately puts everything that appears to be so important into perspective. What does really matter to me? What’s the goal behind all “goals”? – Why do we want to achieve these goals? What will it allow you

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The Answer Delivery System

I’m in Morocco. I feel so good and so well. I feel the environment is having such a positive effect on me. I’m inspired I write every day. It feels effortless, and slowly I’m getting into the “wave of magic” again. It’s this place where I feel more and more

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Staying Strong

Sometimes we need a crash to wake up. A breakup. Shocking news. Deep feelings of hurt. They can be very painful. And yet. If I could just encourage you to do one thing it would be to take a few breaths, slow down… …and like to offer you a different

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The Wolf And The Shaman

An old native shaman once said to a young man: “Every human has 2 wolves deep inside. One is filled with grief, with hate, anger, guilt, shame. The other wolve is filled with joy, compassion, peace, love, balance. And these 2 wolves are constantly fighting…” “And who wins?” Asked the

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