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Following The Signs

Do you know the movie “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? Yesterday night I gave it a shot and watched the movie for the first time. I had to laugh so much, not only because Jim Carrey is always so hilarious 🙂 … but it also made me think about how

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Slowing Down To Speed Up

Yesterday I sat on the rooftop of the place I’m staying here in Morocco, and I had a moment I would just love to share with you. Generally, I have the tendency to always work for something, to be engaged, to create something… And when this is done – I

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How Are You?

In the past I would try to be really “authentic”… And instead of saying just “good”, I would search for things that are not quite going as well as I like them to have… Why? Because I would consider this as very honest. And everyone who would just say “I’m

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Meeting Someone Special

Yesterday I met a woman. And sometimes, when we meet someone we can immediately tell or rather feel.. “I LIKE YOU”. I don’t necessarily mean in a romantic way, or in a physical way. As this “I LIKE YOU” can take so many different forms and shapes. She walked into

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Self-Help Articles

What is life about for me? (3min read)

What is life about for me? What a big question that is. It immediately puts everything that appears to be so important into perspective. What does really matter to me? What’s the goal behind all “goals”? – Why do we want to achieve these goals? What will it allow you

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The Answer Delivery System

I’m in Morocco. I feel so good and so well. I feel the environment is having such a positive effect on me. I’m inspired I write every day. It feels effortless, and slowly I’m getting into the “wave of magic” again. It’s this place where I feel more and more

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Staying Strong

Sometimes we need a crash to wake up. A breakup. Shocking news. Deep feelings of hurt. They can be very painful. And yet. If I could just encourage you to do one thing it would be to take a few breaths, slow down… …and like to offer you a different

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The Wolf And The Shaman

An old native shaman once said to a young man: “Every human has 2 wolves deep inside. One is filled with grief, with hate, anger, guilt, shame. The other wolve is filled with joy, compassion, peace, love, balance. And these 2 wolves are constantly fighting…” “And who wins?” Asked the

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