If I was to hire you:

I don’t care about your CV. And less and less businesses do. Because it becomes less interesting and too expensive to employ robots.

What I care about is your story. And what you’ve been learning through your experiences.
I care about your passion and heart. About your initiative. About your creativity.

Your CV says nothing about you. You are one of 300 others in the shark pool.

I’m not interested in your memorized phrases.
I want to sit down with you and discuss what we can create together.

Not the best CV wins, but the ones that think independently and go the extramile – even in the application process.

There needs to be a revolution in the way we employ people. And the revolution starts when people stop to play the game of being 1 of 300 other robots in the inbox.

The 5 love languages

In 1995, Gary Chapman published a book about the 5 love languages. It outlines the 5 ways human beings express and experience love. Each individual has a primary and a secondary love language.

Knowing the 5 love languages, can give us a better understanding about the human beings we are interacting. And also; a better understanding about ourselves.

The 5 love languages are:

  1. receiving gifts,
  2. quality time,
  3. words of affirmation,
  4. acts of service (devotion),
  5. physical touch.

Gary Chapman says that people tend to give love naturally the way that they would like to receive love. Interesting.

The concept of the 5 love languages is a rough outline – a theory – and every human being is different. Yet, it can be used as a tool. And sometimes tools can be helpful to raise awareness.

What love language are you primarily using? And what love language are the people using that are close to you?

Your heart always knows.

I still work with a few people privately in coaching settings. What I can see all the time: People already know their answers!

And what am I doing? – I asked myself this question many times… The truth is… not much. I’m just here, holding a mirror.​

I found this today in my manuscript of my new book. It’s a paragraph which I found relevant to the fact that – you… already… have your… ANSWERS. What we often don’t do, is to slow down and to ask the right questions…

“Your heart always knows the direction. Your only challenge, in a noisy world, is to listen. If you empty yourself from your own importance, you will have the capacity to follow the path of love that will naturally guide you to the top.”

Relationships are hard work

I didn’t believe it – until I stopped running away as soon as someone would scratch open the surface and started to see what’s behind the mask.

Everyone who grows tired of the superficiality and wants to experience the highest forms of love, also has to be willing to experience the shadows and storms that come with it. And that sometimes means to stay in the fire and face what hurts. Like seeing the ugly truth in an honest mirror.

Allowing someone to truly see you is hard work – work that has nothing to do with anyone but yourself.

Now, what is your choice? To blame the mirror or to learn about yourself?

Relationships are hard work – when applied correctly. Because they show you the truth – within you.

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The End Is Near

I have perhaps shocking news: The end is near.

Last year a big earthquake shattered Mexico. A few days ago, I met a friend in Mexico City, we sat down in a Café, and he shared with me his experience.

Imagine this: From one moment to the other, you lose EVERYTHING you have ever possessed. Houses break apart, people die, thousands of people lose their homes. Chaos. And all this from one moment… to the other.

There are things that are simply not in our control – even if that’s what we wish sometimes.
Our time on this planet is limited. Something we so easily forget.

The end is near – for everyone. And it is the most natural thing.

Soon you’ll have to give up your belongings. Soon you’ll be gone.

The question is: How do you choose to spend your time – now – in this life?

The simplest way to raise your vibration

How to raise your vibration

How to raise your vibration: I see people changing their whole live’s when they shift their attention from “what they don’t want” to “what they want”.

Why? Because their vibration simply changes.

You can test it by yourself:
Think about something you don’t want – and notice how you feel.
And then, think about something you want – and notice then how you feel.

Your thoughts impact your emotions and what you eventually attract into your life.

You attract what you are – vibrationally. And this is as much of a practice as the one we learned from the environment: To constantly focus on what we don’t want.

Happy people most often attract other happy people. Because life is your mirror. We are responsible for our own well-being. And no one else.

The story of the watchmaker and his issue with time

The story of the watchmaker. A post on productivity and the pressure of time

Anyone who has ever seen a horologist at work knows how detailed and precise these people have to be.

I remember when my former room mate told me a (true) story about a watchmaker.

Back then, the watchmaker had a daily routine. He knew, everyday he was able to – more or less – complete a similar amount of work.

He was good at his craft and soon more people approached him for his services. Naturally he took on the jobs. But as well as the amount of work, the pressure of time grew. More jobs automatically created more deadlines.

He had to work harder, and faster. He woke up early. Hurried to his workshop and – as fast as he could – he tried to complete all the watches in time. He was stressed, but he always delivered in time.

Until one day: He had enough of it all.

He was fed up with the hurry – and couldn’t handle the stress any longer as the work slowly replaced the joy and love he originally had for his craft.

The next morning he woke up and made a creed to himself: “Today, I’m going to be as slow as I possibly can!”

He slowly got out of bed, slowly drank his morning tea, slowly walked to his workshop, and slowly began to work. As slow as he possibly could.

The day passed slowly. He slowly progressed, and he slowly finished off one job after the other.

In the evening, when he slowly decided to finish off he stopped… and was astonished by his creation.

While still standing in his workshop, he realised, that he somehow completed the same amount of work, than on the previous days.

But this time, without rushing, but with joy and love.

How was that possible?

Did he mold time?

End of the story. I leave the interpretations on your side.

What comes up for me is this one question:

Is hurry and hustle always… more effective?

I experience the opposite since I drastically learn to slow down. How many times are we running and chasing after things, that – after all – don’t even matter?

Our society needs to learn to focus – on what’s actually important. And cut the fearful chase of nonsense.

We arrived in Paradise (short status update)

Friday, 13th of April. Shamu (our little dog), my beautiful lady and me arrived in paradise. I wish I could send you a picture of it. But it’s late and dark. But I tell you, it’s magnificent, and I’m sure we’ll have the chance to share a few pictures in the upcoming days. Orsi is a photographer, and she somehow has the eye for special perspectives.

So the status update for now: We are all fine, and happy to be here. It was a whole new level for me to travel with Shamu. When you travel with a dog, suddenly every little move turns into a little project.

It was worth it. I’m tired, but incredibly happy.

I look forward to the next days. Once I’m getting more settled, I will keep you posted on what’s happening here. I will also have more space to write and to finish off my first novel – it’s going to be a beautiful peace.

Wishing you the best,


We are an ungrateful generation

Our generation grew up in such a comfort, that it’s almost unbearable.

Too much comfort kills – and makes us feel guilty, even useless. From this place: How natural it is to seek the rush, the kick, the adventure, the extreme. We take risks and end up doing all sorts of crazy stuff – even though we seem to have everything we need.

Something the older generation will never understand. They once sought the opposite. In a world of discomfort, they worked for comfort.

Now, that old people accuse a younger generation for not being grateful for the comfort, they once worked so hard for – is understandable.

What they don’t know: Comfort alone is not the only thing we need as human beings.

As much as comfort, we need the discomfort – because it is what makes us feel alive. And we rather die instead of never having truly lived.