I see writing as an art. It's an expression of the self. May you be open and find your own story - inside the story.

Sam Ryter

My Thread Of Life – Stories and Updates

08.02.2018 Following The Signs Do you know the movie “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? Yesterday night I gave it a shot and watched the movie for the first time. I had to laugh so much, not only because Jim Carrey is always so hilarious 🙂 … but it also made

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Sam Ryter

What is life about for me? (3min read)

What is life about for me? What a big question that is. It immediately puts everything that appears to be so important into perspective. What does really matter to me? What’s the goal behind all “goals”? – Why do we want to achieve these goals? What will it allow you

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Sam Ryter is a book author and professional coach. He helps people to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with others, the world and themselves.