Pursuing Goals (From My New Book)

Pursuing Goals - Sam Ryter

This little text is an excerpt of my new book (in the making).

It’s always good to know where you are going. It’s good to have a direction. It gives hope and meaning to the people.

People without a direction usually feel lost.

Not that it would matter, but that’s just the nature of the human mind.

So, it’s a nice thing to have a clear goal. And yet knowing where you are going is not enough. You’ve got to open your eyes to what happens in the moment.

How could anyone climb a mountain just by focussing on the peak? He would stumble and fall, because he would be blind to the tiny rocks and sticks that show up with every step. Every moment opens up a new opportunity to learn. Don’t make it all about conquering the mountain.

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Following The Signs

Do you know the movie “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey? Yesterday night I gave it a shot and watched the movie for the first time.

I had to laugh so much, not only because Jim Carrey is always so hilarious 🙂 … but it also made me think about how much we take the “SIGNS” for granted…

There’s a scene where Bruce is talking to god. He is shouting at him “GIVE ME A SIGN!!!” and his pager would go off at the same moment.

Or he would be shouting for a sign – and in front of him there would be a big street sign with a “STOP”.

In both situations Bruce would ignore the signs. Because out of one simple reason:


It’s almost like “god” gives you a sign and you’re like “That’s not it”

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How Are You?

In the past I would try to be really “authentic”… And instead of saying just “good”, I would search for things that are not quite going as well as I like them to have… Why? Because I would consider this as very honest. And everyone who would just say “I’m … Read more