Being happy with having a little bit less

15.08.2018 – Yesterday we ran out of water here. I realised that, since we live in our new place I didn’t organise any water supply. Well, water was something we took for granted anyways. Who would ever waste a thought about it, right?

​​Yet after a few weeks the tank emptied and we found ourselves dry.

It’s only day two now, and hopefully I’ll be able to resolve our little issue soon. But the longer we are without water, the more I realise for how many things we actually NEED it.

No water means no shower. No dish-washing. No drinks for the plants. No hand-washing. Basically: No hygiene. No flushing toilets, and I could go on and on.

Mexico. As simple and beautiful it is over here, I’m learning to appreciate the things that have always been so normal for me.

Like unlimited internet,
​a fridge,
gas for cooking – yes, we’ve had a week where we literally ate sandwiches, fruits and made campfires in the garden,
electricity – which sometimes just goes off due to storms,
having a non-leaking roof or a toilet that works…

Orsi and I can tell you stories…

My point: I’m slowly waking up that, perhaps “not everything is unlimited” on this planet. It’s that convenient life-style I grew up with, which made me believe so.

Habits. Using plastic, water, electricity to an extend which was utterly unnecessary. It includes the excessive consumption of meat, and food in general —

​​I understand we need to eat. And that the little boy has to grow big and strong, but how much of that is just fearful story-telling? After all, we’re not living in the middle-age anymore – or I should say; the 60ties (yes, the toilet works again. And we have a fridge now.)

Now, for me, getting to know the limits of planet earth – it suddenly all becomes real. And it’s a good thing.

There’s (still) enough for all of us. If we learn to take as much as we need.

And I’m slowly learning that; I don’t need as much – as I often think.

For Orsi and me here; the little infrastructural struggles and challenges come on a weekly (sometimes daily basis). Yet, I never thought how easy it is to be happy with having a little bit less.


PS. The picture was taken by Orsi a few days ago. The cliffs are close to our house. And often I’m short of words how magical and powerful nature is. I guess waves were already crushing at those rocks a few thousands years before me. It somehow brings my (so “important”) life, problems, challenges etc. into a different perspective.

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