My 7 golden areas for a balanced life (4min read)

Today, I wanted to share with you the 7 golden areas for a balanced life. After a hard breakup in 2016 I struggled with emotional pain, self-doubts, unhappiness and a general lack of energy. Looking back, I realise that there’s never been a challenge without a gift for me. It was back then when I, after hours of daily-journaling, I came up with the “golden 7”.

The golden 7 are the 7 areas in my life I need to nourish in order to have a balanced, fulfilled life. When I feel a sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in my life, I look at the 7 areas and see what area I’ve been dismissing.

To me, all of them are important. And the balance is key. In times of longer low-moods it’s usually good to slow down, go over all areas and ask myself the following questions:

1. Social Circles

You’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with. How satisfied am I with the relationships to my friends? How much am I nourishing a good, healthy friend-circle around me? Do I have people I can trust and open up? Do I have friends that are here for me in good and bad times? How much of a good friend am I? Good relationships with others bring a balance from our own (sometimes self-destructive) thoughts. Long and profound studies about human happiness have shown: We are social animals, we need each other. Having a stable social environment is golden for a happy life.

2. Intimate Relationships

Am I in an intimate relationship? If not: How much am I willing to deeper with someone? To have a partner by my side that knows me better than anyone else? How much have I been putting myself out there in order to attract an intimate relationship into my life? How have I been showing up lately? How much did I nourish and cherish my relationship? How fulfilling is my sex-life? Having an intimate partner is not always easy, as there’s not much to hide anymore. But ultimately, to me, there’s a freedom to be found that variety just can’t keep up with.

3. Activity/Sport

How active have I been the last weeks? Am I in motion, or do I spend most of the day sitting? When was the last time I challenged my body so that it could grow stronger? Physical activity not only is good for our well-being, compared to the sitting position, it allows the energies to flow again. What’s not growing is dying. Stuck and bent up energies cause illness. Even water that doesn’t flow, becomes poisonous eventually.

4. Health/Nutrition/Nature

What foods do I choose to become a part of me? What am I putting into my body? Is the food that I’m eating nourishing me in ways that I feel energized? Or is it – in the long run – unhealthy and sickening? Food as much as the “way we eat” is essential for feeling alive. Essential for our well-being.

5. Vision/Purpose

What do I want from life? And how clear is that vision? How do I want my life to look like, and how much time am I spending to follow my heart, and create something that’s meaningful to me? Do I feel on purpose with what I do daily? Of not: How much am I currently doing to change that?

6. Learning/Studying

How much time do I spend studying and learning what brings me further as a human being? How much time am I spending to learn what deeply interests me? We are learning creatures, therefore anything that challenges us can help us expand and grow.

7. Alone time

How much quality time do I have and take for myself. How much time do I spend slowing down, reflecting, journaling and just taking the time to appreciate the little things in my life? This, to me, is the “Alone time”. The time, I’m just for myself. The time I give myself an intimate space. If it ends up in journaling, if it’s a simple walk, or if it’s a time of meditation. Alone time, and the connection to ourselves is as important as our social times.

The 7 areas for a balanced life are helpful in tough times…

In times “tough” times, things seem to be less clear. Highs and lows are a part of life like the seasons. In times of low-moods, structure can be a great help to pull you out the downward-spiral.

I’m aware that those “7 areas for a balanced life” feel right for me personally and that you may have other areas, that are important to you too. However, feel free to use them, adapt them to your needs. However you wish.

If you feel great, then you perhaps don’t need to know about them. If you feel low, then use them – they help 😉

If you like to have a deeper look into the golden 7, then please let me know, send me your questions. And I’ll be more than glad to answer then. If you like, I can also go a bit more in detail in the future.


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