Are we just bundles of energy floating around? Quantum Physics explained…

I like to believe that “we attract what we are”… and so far it seems to me that way. TODAYY I thought I write a bit of a longer post (than usual) to share a bit of a different understanding on how this ‘manifesting-stuff’ works. From a quantum physics point of view…

So… Quantum physics… Gosh… are your ready?

I will do my best!

If we’d take an electron microscope, look at your body and zoom in, we’d pretty soon come to see atoms. Tiny particles made of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.

Structure of an Atom. Atoms, Neutrons, Electrons, Protons, Quantum Physics, Physics
This is a simple structure of an Atom.

Electrons are negatively charged, yet they are charged the same size as their counter poles – the Protons, which are positively charged.

Neutrons… are… well neutral.

Are you with me so far?

Great. So now, the Electrons circulate around the “Nucleus (that’s where the protons and neutrons are). This almost looks like planets circulating the sun.

Of course if we’d blow up the “nucleus” (the core of the atom) to the size of a soccer ball the distance would become huge.

Quantum physicists tell us that most of our reality is “empty space”.


Because if a “nucleus” (that ‘central’ part of the atom) was the size of a football, the distance to the next atom would be – hold yourself – around 6’500 km.

Of course this depends a lot on what atom we’re dealing with… but… that’s not the point.

The point is, that it’s a HUGE distance. A huge … empty space…

Dark matter”.

Are we really just bundles of energy?

Secret revealed: Your body and our so called ‘reality’ consists to 99, …999% out of … nothing… dark matter. Empty-space.

Now, as we are kind of “nothing”… why do our bodies feel so solid, and why can’t we – as an example, not simply walk through walls? (well – I’m realising that even this possibility is available to us – but that’s a different story.)

The answer is simple: Energy.

Our bodies, our world, everything we perceive is held together with an enormous amount of energy. Energy is what makes the world appear the way we perceive it.

Energy is what our world is “made of”. What makes a table solid is the huge amount of energies that bundle together the countless atoms.

It’s indeed an “illusion” we live in.

There’s more going on ‘behind the scenes’ than we could ever perceive with our senses.

Imagine this: Your body, your friends, nature, houses, food, animals are bundles of energies.

Everything and everyone has its vibration.

There’s a saying that “you attract what you are”. It means – your frequency alone attracts always what matches to you.

So how about this:

Your thoughts alone can change what you attract.

If you focus on the “good” this is what you are eventually attracting. If you focus on the “bad” – well…

It’s fascinating because it seems that our thoughts alone can change the vibration that we are sending out to the world.

Isn’t it interesting that some people seem to always have the luck on their side, and some seem to constantly attract the same miseries into their lives?

This is the place, I’d love to have as many people aware as possible. Because from here we can create the lives that our hearts desire. From this understanding, there are literally no boundaries.

We suddenly become creators, because we have the power of thought. And thought creates and changes matter at the same time.

It’s a journey of mastering the mind, instead of being mastered by it. And it’s a fascinating path.

Tomorrow we’ll explore, based on this understanding, how we can consciously attract (or repel) certain things into your life. I’ll be sharing a few stories, too – I’ve already started to craft the article, and can’t wait to share it with you.

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