We all have a story. We all go through different stages in our lives. Here are my most significant ones.


By the age of 18, I was a semi-professional Muay-Thai Fighter. I had the privilege to live in Thailand and train, learn and fight with some of the best martial artists. I was a young kid, immature, insecure. The pressure and the training pushed my physical and mental limits. A few times I ended up with tears, questioning my whole life. But it was that time where I realised that 

  There is never a challenge without a gift for you”.


And yet, I experienced a painful awakening. Because at one point I had all the things that I always dreamed of. I was a fighter, strong, an athlete, in top shape, respected and even admired by others, and still… I felt insecure within.

It was the start of a spiritual journey. I slowly learned that instead of looking “outside” I needed to look “within”. This realisation was one of the most significant insights of my life. I got introduced to meditation and gradually I started to see that life never happens “to” me but “for” me. Suddenly I wasn’t the victim anymore – but a student of life.


When I returned to europe from south-east-asia, reality hit me in the face. For the first time I saw how disconnected we as human beings are from each other. I realised how shallow our conversations and connections are in our society. It disgusted me. And I knew – it was also a part deep inside of me I had to look at. Because even though I achieved something a few people would look up to, I still felt insecure and doubtful with myself and in my interactions.

But this time, I knew I could change. And I did.


It was as if I found the sweet secret of life. I have never in my life felt so happy. My relationships were incredible. I started to travel around the world and helping other people transform and become more open and loving social human beings.

There was only one problem: After a while I was broke. And with broke, I mean: Totally broke.

It was the first time I started to “face my shadows”, my dark-sides – and started to love them. This changed my life forever.


Realising that “awakening” is not something we need to seek for also shifted my attitude towards money. My attitude towards life in general.

We are in a relationship with everything.

I like to call this THE LOVING WARRIOR. It means: Loving what is. Or falling in love with the unknown. Because that’s what life is. The unknown. Not knowing and at the same time accepting, and loving that. It shifted the way I worked with people, the way I interact and the depth that I experienced in life. 

There is simply the love for life.


The love that is innate in every human being. Some call it flow. Some call it inspiration. And we have access to it in every moment. My work is founded on this universal truth.  And I know that the more people are waking up and learn to access this wisdom – the more this world will change for good.

A revolution is happening right now. A revolution of people who choose to show up with love rather than fear. It is the next level of consciousness in our society.