Hi, My name is Sam ryter

Nature and simplicity give me the fuel to share my gifts. That's the reason why I'm currently living offline with my beautiful lady in order to write my new book.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my website. This is the hardest part to write about. About me. I don’t even know where to start. And what is relevant. As I can only give you my perception – of how I see myself. Or maybe better; How I’d like to see myself.

But as on the core, deep inside, we’re no different from each other, you may find yourself in my story.

I’m a young man who tries to follow his heart. Or in other words; just a human being who wants to be happy. Who is curious. Who seeks the experience. The good and the bad. The ugly and the beautiful. Who is here to learn about himself. About life. To learn about his true nature – which goes far beyond his name and story.

Over the last 5 years I got passionate about the dynamics of relationships. So passionate that in 2015 I made it my profession to study and help people to create better, deeper and more meaningful relationships with others. Why? Because I believe that every relationship we have is a direct mirror of ourselves. And what a beautiful reminder it was for me to do the work within myself.

After working with many people, and again, after realising, that after all we are no different from each other – I felt it was time to move on.

Somehow my heart told me to write.

So I started to write.

Against all the rational ideas of the mind. Against the idea of what I thought to be “responsible” and financially sustainable. I made a decision to go offline from all social media channels, so that I could dedicate all my energy into creating what deeply matters to me. It was the scariest and at the same time the most liberating decision I have taken for a long, long time.

Currently, I’m writing my new book. And I’m updating the blog as frequently as possible. I don’t know where this journey will lead me. 

But I know one thing. I know that I love what I do. I know that I feel in alignment. I feel happy. That’s what matters most to me.

Writing has become my reminder that love, flow, inspiration, joy is present – always.

It’s my responsibility to let go of control and to trust – To fall in love with the unknown. To fall in love with life. And this is where my art starts. This is where I see my gifts come through.

It’s my daily practice of surrendering.

You can read my blog here where I’m sharing my writings.

I also want you to know that, if you like to support me on my dream, every little tip is highly appreciated. Even if it’s just a bit of money. It truly makes a difference. And maybe soon I’ll be able to buy a new surfboard. 🙂

Also, please always feel free to share my art. With anyone you feel.

As you are diving into my work, you may recognise yourself within it. Be curious, open minded and find your own truth in it. Because this is what the world needs in this time. More authenticity. More love. More intimacy. More of YOUR TRUTH!



Even though I’m offline now, my blog is updated daily where you can follow my journey and where I share little inspirational stories.  All the programs and courses (and even books) are still available for you in the “Products” section.