swiss, writer, currently living in Mexico.

Nature and simplicity give me the fuel to share my gifts. That's the reason why I'm currently living mostly offline with my beautiful lady in order to write my new book. The blog is still updated daily.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my website. 

There are many stories to tell, but above all; I’m a young man who tries to follow his heart.

In my late teens, I have been a semi-professional martial artist in South East Asia. And the martial arts were what initially opened my eyes to the mystery of our human existence. Little did I know then, that my seeking would later take me around the world, to new people, to new places and eventually back to myself.

5 years ago, I got passionate about the dynamics of relationships. In 2015 I made it my profession to study and help people to create better, deeper and more meaningful relationships with others.

After working with many people, and again, after realizing, that after all we are no different from each other, somehow my heart told me to write books.

And so, I started to write books.

Against all the rational ideas of the mind. Against the idea of what I thought to be “responsible” and financially sustainable. And yet, with the trust that it will all turn out fine in the end. 🙂

Currently, I’m writing my new book, under my writer’s pseudonym Samuel Cristobal. The daily practice of bringing my thoughts on paper has become my reminder that love, flow, inspiration, joy is present – always – if we allow it to come through us.

My writings on my blog are short, thought-provoking and uplifting. The blog is updated daily. And you can join more than 3000 daily readers and subscribe and read my blog here.

As you are diving into my work, you may recognize yourself within it. Be curious, open minded and find your own truth in it. Because this is what the world needs in this time. More authenticity. More love. More intimacy. More of YOUR TRUTH.