I write for a better world.

Dear Reader,

since the beginning of our time, stories have been told to comfort, provoke thoughts, inspire and essentially to elevate consciousness. I believe in stories, and I believe that we all can find our own story within a book – if we dare to listen.

I am a truth seeker. A young man on his journey. A traveler. An enthusiast for good stories. A philosopher. A laugher and joker. A people lover…

And, over the last few years, the daily practice of bringing my thoughts on paper has become my reminder that love, flow, inspiration, joy is present – always – if we allow it to come through us.

To write is transformational, and so, I believe, is to read.

I am a believer that, instead of pointing fingers at others, the work for a better world needs to happen within ourselves. We are the creators of our realities. We are the ones that always have the choice between love and fear.

It is a choice that is not always easy to make. Because we are human beings, and it seems that we are just re-learning to love.

My books are dedicated to all who choose to look within. You are the ones that will make the difference. I believe in a world where not fear is the predominant power. But love.

It is, therefore, my wish that each reader of my books can take something from the stories onto their life-paths. If that’s a different viewpoint to life, relief, inspiration, encouragement or just a feeling of gratitude. Small actions, make big differences.

I am delighted to announce that the novel PICO BLANCO is now available for pre-order.

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