For A World With Deeper & More Meaningful Connections.

My name is Sam Ryter, I'm a swiss book author and daily blogger and I have a vision to inspire a new generation to create more meaningful, and deeper relationships with each other.

We live in a superficial society where people lack deep and meaningful connections

It's time for a revolution in the way we interact with each other. That's why I created a framework that already helped 3000+ people to:

1. Build uplifting social connections

2. Feel free and confident in your own skin

3. Create deep and meaningful relationships with others

 After working with more than 200 people privately and thousands online, I wanted to create a simple framework that revolutionises society’s thinking about human connections.

 After working with more than 200 people privately and thousands online, I wanted to create a simple framework that revolutionises society’s thinking about human connections. I created the Human Connection Pyramid...

On what social stage are you?

We are ALL social beings, yet our “social skills” and the way we feel in social environments is different from others.

If you find yourself between stage 0 and 2 on the Human Connection Pyramid then know that there is another level for you available.

Key is to become totally honest with yourself and define your current stage. Only then you can make a conscious choice to change something in your life.

Stage 0

The Insecure Victim

Tends to blame others and pitties himself. Lack of self-worth and confidence. Feels weak, lonely and distant from others. Self-conscious and absorbed with worries and doubts. In early stages: feels helpless to change.

Stage 1

The Social Butterfly

Open, fun and a social being. Has a solid self-confidence. Shares and is curious about others. Feels light and happy with him/herself. Is an uplifting, fun person. People love to be around him/her.

Stage 2

The Grounded Lover

Feels connected and generally sees beauty in others.Speaks his truth and relentlessly walks his/her own path. Is fully in love with him/herself.. Feels and knows the needs of others. Creates a space of trust. Others feel safe around him/her and are naturally attracted.

Stage 3

The Awakened Guide

Is in love with every single being that crosses his/her life path. Radiates an incredible presence of love. Heals people with his/her presence, words and touch. Is a teacher of love by embodying and living the example. No boundaries, no fear. Lives in a state of love and appreciation. Self-Transcendence. Has access to higher wisdom and lives in inspiration.

 I believe in a world where we as a collective realise that we are all connected, and where we shift our values from competition and approval to contribution and acceptance.”

Many have started already

Will you join too?

Currently I'm not available for private coaching but please watch the following video below: It is a 1h presentation that breaks down relationships, human connections, and how you can raise your consciousness.