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"Sam Ryter writes stories that comfort, provoke thoughts and give perspective."


It’s the year 2036, an off-grid-community knows nothing of the disaster, but soon has to find ways to survive – as people flee from the cities and approach the community to find shelter and food. A dangerous quest to find additional provisions begins.
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Release: July 19th. 2020


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Sam Ryter is an indie author and writer of thought-provoking stories.​

Sam Ryter is an indie author and writer of thought-provoking stories.​

Dear reader, welcome to my portfolio. I'm an independent author of several books and a blogger. It is my wish that each reader of my books can take something from the stories onto their life-paths. If that's a different viewpoint to life, relief, inspiration, or encouragement.


A story of a young man who follows his dreams.

Release date: April 26th. 2019

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What happens when everything falls apart?

Release date: July 19th. 2020

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Loving Your Darkness

The Workbook For Self-Discovery

Learn to understand, love and accept yourself by uncovering the parts within you that you have kept in the “dark”.

The Book of Being

A Little Book About The Beauty Of Life

Inside the stories of the different characters in this book, you’ll find your own personal story.

Soon, hopefully soon, we will understand.”

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